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I watched the Berserk anime a few months ago, naturally I RAAGGEEDD when I got to the end and there was nothing but emptiness. So the mango it is for me. So the question is two fold;

Did the anime miss anything important (i.e. should I bother starting from the very first Chapter)
If not, what's the equivalent chapter of where the animu left off?

And yes, tengentoppaslowpoke.jpg.
Just start from the beginning.
start from the beginning because the anime took out a ton of shit that happened before the first episode of the anime as well as during.
thumbnail scanlations ftl
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Start from the beginning.
gatsu is raped
agree with them, anime took out some "trivial" stuff from the manga, then, those trivial stuff becomes really important stuff in the future.
from the time guts joins the hawks until the time griffith kills the queen, nothing has changed. from that point on though, it's a totally different story. and way more awesome
oh ya, and ALOT of shit is different until he joins the hawks.
i found it worth the read anyways though
the rapes are more satisfying in the manga
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two words my nigga...

SKELETON, KNIGHT. read it from the beginning, trust me you'll enjoy the hell out of it.
Thanks anon, grabbing it from the beginning.
Berserk mango's beginning isn't nearly as good as it's (current) middle, but it's still pretty fucking great.

I say current because Miura will keep penning that shit until the day he dies where it will end abruptly and we will all RRRAAAAAAAGE 20 years from now.
i was like you, watched the animu then went to the manga

i started from the beginning and yeah its worth it. even though you'll be reading alot of the shit you already know its still very worth it to read from the beginning.

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