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File: naruto_sasuke0743.jpg (22 KB, 391x408)
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Sup /a/

Serious question time:
Has there ever been an anime with a retarted character? I'm not asking for who you flame as retarted, i mean a physically retarted one, like with downsyndrome.

pic not really related
clannad they all have downs
syndromes of a downs
In b4 Kyoanime
No OP you are the retard lol

lol not fast enough there
>Narutu Sand Ninjas


this is true
File: 1205724916989.png (40 KB, 500x500)
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Kamina, maybe?
File: 1205724930379.jpg (15 KB, 263x230)
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what the hell is retarted.

if it's retarded you're talking about, go read some seinen or something.
I can't name one where a character starts off as mentally retarded off the top of my head, although I know that there are series where characters are reduced to an early childhood-like state mentally.
File: 1205725091341.jpg (10 KB, 200x150)
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Who the fuck fights the fucking Elite Four and shit without at least evolving your fucking Bulbasaur. Fucking shitfag trainer.
Read or die has brain damaged MILF, but I can't think of any actual retards.

I thought Kotomi from clannad was a autistic savant at first though.
did he catch a new one? cause last time I saw pokemon, it was an ivysaur
didn't sakaki from azumanga have autism?
he already fought the elite four, and got pwned

stupid trainer.
Tekkon Kinkreet - i now that they are children and are expected to behaive like children, but they were acting much more retarded then your usual kids would. Especialy the young one.
GITS has one ep in home for mentaly impared children.
Paranoia Agent had at least 2 crasy individuals.

But if you mean a series or a movie whith a clearly retarded main hero, then no, I dont think there is anything. Except maybe Tekkon Kinkreet, but as I said, one can argue that heroes are still children with difficult lives, and their abnormal psych is a result of coping with their lives.
president Aria is retarded
Ayumu Kasuga from azumanga daioh was supposed to be slow.
>>crasy individuals

"Crasy" =/= retarded.
so was tomo and kagura, they all got into college in the end though
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346 KB PNG
I don't know; you tell me.

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