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One of the problems I have with Manga is the lack of color.

Now I'm not suggesting that art and writing don't apply to manga, far from it they remain the most promising part of the book, but the problem I have with a lack of color is that visually it soon becomes stimulating.

Of course having a manga completely in black and white may very well make a nice ascetic choice to whoever is writing it the problem comes up when ALL manga is in black and white. Color can add a whole new depth to the art of a book and I sometimes just wonder what a manga like Berserk or Jojo's would look like if it was ALL colored in.

I remember a thread where /a/ denounced coloring as being shitty and ruined manga. That was good for some lulz but I kinda cried too...
>soon becomes stimulating.

Fuck I meant unstimulating. Disregard that, cocks.
I'm pretty sure you're the equivalent of graphics whores in /v/.

I like manga a lot. I love their plots and artwork and I understand what makes people like Miura and Arakai good manga authors but I still wish it wasn't the "standard" or "norm" to make all your work in black and white.

If used properly then color can make an epic work even more awesome.
Black and white doesn't bother me. What does bother me is when the original tankoubon has a few color pages at the beginning of the chapter but the licensers print them in black and white. It looks really shitty.

>>Of course having a manga completely in black and white may very well make a nice ascetic choice to whoever is writing it

I think the best use of black and white that I've seen is in Tekkon Kinkreet. There's really no shades of gray or texture lines - just black and white - and it looks fantastic.
>One of the problems I have with Manga is the lack of animation & sound.

I read more manga than I watch anime.
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I like monochrome.
Also, doujinshi look shitty with colour.
Jojo all colored in would be so horrendously distracting that it would curse you with ADHD and be generally incomprehensible. Also he would change everyone's hair and outfits every three pages and it would be annoying as shit.
As long as manga have to be released once a week, don't expect colouring.


Dojin's, to me anyway, tend to look pretty shit anyway. Maybe it's just me but when I see a character drawn in a completely different style it just looks... off.
if all manga were colored, they'd take forever to release, to a point i'd probably lose all interest.

Again this depends on exactly how Arakai would go about coloring. If he honest to god thinks that coloring his work would be distracting then by all means let him work monochromatic.


Understandable but then I don't see why anything short of long-running shonen jump titles would need to be in black and white.

Unless of course ALL manga comes out with a chapter a week.
Color also takes a fucking long ass time, and most magazines print manga on colored paper. So the color would be pointless.
Doodz manga isn't all color because color is EXPENSIVE.

Manga is supposed to be a CHEAP entertainment option, where people in Japan can buy a manga mag for less than a dollar (after exchange rates).
i wrote a tl;dr version and realized i should have just gone straight to the point:

- color for manga sucks in general
- artists would be on equal grounds when presenting their work; standard black and white format. basic drawing skill matters more than coloring skill.
- keeping up old tradition for B&W
- busy schedules and tight deadlines is bad enough for artists. don't make them sit around for another few more days just to finish coloring it up. not to mention any unforseen delays when they make mistakes here and there.
- might ruin art style and encourage QUALITY work just to get their stuff out in time.
- jacks up price for printing. makes manga less affordable to many.
- takes out one primary reason to watch anime; to see them in color. might be a minor advantage but having any sort of reason NOT to watch anime of the original works is bad for business.
Color would kill Mango as I know it.
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Coloring does not ruin a manga. It is need in more though.
Another problem with colour manga is hair color.
I'm not terribly eager to see green, blue and purple hair in my manga.
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Color would turn a $10 manga volume into $20 or more. As if it isn't expensive enough already.

But I have always wondered, since I've never followed American comics, how do they do it? How often are the color ones released? Monthly? And they're about the same page length and detail.

But I do like the black and white style. There is a completely different style of artwork involved for line art instead of colored.
Plus, fans can just go in and color them themselves. I've been trying to learn to do this in the distant hopes I could do it for a living, but it's highly unlikely and it's MUCH fucking harder than it looks.

Have a fan-colored Berserk page.
Raki! Is that you?!
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even her black and white is godly. putting colors on it would just be pure icing that any monkey can do. just look at any one of many generic shonen fan's color work on plain b&w pages, they're even better than what the publishers would put out.

although i must admit colors do have their own advantages too such as enhancing subtle moods and emotions. but if the artist could do as such with just plain black an white, he'd be a better artist than anyone else who couldn't.
end of thread
>One of the problems I have with Manga is the lack of color.
I used to be the same with black and white movies, but then I stopped being a faggot.

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