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Sup /a/

I just marathoned Black Lagoon. I think it was pretty awesome from the very beginning until the very end. Evil maybe-traps-lolis were loev. By any chance, is a second season planned ?

Also, other anime as awesome as this one are now requested. Thanks.
>second season

you mean third season
Didn't the Engrish make you cringe tho? I know it did.
Revy's engrish is sexy and you know it.
This show has a terrible story and pacing honestly.
Officially there will be NO THIRD SEASON for lagoon. The writers and the mangka created an apropriate ending for the anime series. Guess that means moonland perfers moe/tsudere lolis than sexy adult females with guns.
Still waiting for the dvds to get put out. Fucking Geneon.

It has a shitty story because it's a parody anime of all those shitty action movies from America, aka all of them.
uh, that wasn't an ending. it was just an ending to an arc.
swords can deflect bullets
uh, geneon shut down operations outside of moonland
no dumbass, mangaka gave the OK to kill it with that kind of ending...I really liked this anime also, but just because I like it doesnt mean those zipperheads will make more episodes. READ THE MANGA IF YOU WANT MORE STORY.
just watch any hollywood action movie.

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