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Best current manga series still ongoing bar none
i like d.graymsn
One Piece is better. =/
I agree. I am currently reading the chapter where Hiruma returns after his arm injury. Tears were shed.
I prefer Ippo.
berserk is still ongoing
guyver is still ongoing
GUNNM Last Order is still ongoing

shall I continue?
Sure. Let's see how many you can list before SHITSTORM
Eyeshield 21 is a manga about American football.

And it's fucking amazing.
That about sums it up.
Sports manga, huh.

When a series about American Football can be popular in Japan, you must know it's good.
lol, american football manga.
According to Wikipedia, the number of Japanese children playing American football has almost doubled in the four years since the manga started its run. Pretty awesome.
Except GUNNM Last Order sucks.

I'm just praying it ends with the Christmas Bowl. It's an epic story of the underdogs, but if they try to continue it without Hiruma it will inevitably fail.
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I read it up to ch273. At first I thought “A sports manga? And the sport is American Football? Fail.”. Oh, how wrong I was. . .
For me the experience wasn’t at all about the sport, but a story of high school kids gathered around a dream, never giving up. The humor is ok, I enjoy the story and variety of characters, the art is also pretty good, and there is often a loot deeper side to it all.
I personally found the question of what are normal people supposed to do when faced with great obstacles, hardships, or people with abnormal talents, witch is raised up through the manga on many occasions, is very interesting.
Also, being a highschooler myself, I found it to be a very good motivation.
There are a lot of very strong characters, but there are still relatively realistic.
I often find myself reading it and thinking “whoa this guy is really strong, but im probably faster. And that guy is about my mach in speed and strength, and that one has the same built as me! That guy is a fucking beast! I Wonder if I can be like him?”
So there's what, almost two of them playin now? One just part time?

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