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I'll admit, i thought this was a pretentious as FUCK romance, and was thinking about just skipping S2 but i just finished ep 4 of season II and all that build up, and sometimes repetitiveness is paying off.

Too bad Umino's new manga, 3 gatsu no lion is shit.
Honey and Clover is Romance? Eh? But neither Morita or Takemoto end up with Hagu.
Oh? well that doesn't really matter since that part of the story is rather shallow, and undeveloped.

It's all about Rika, Miyama, and the others.
Honey and Clover? I liked it better when it was called Kodomo no Jikan
Josei ... enough said ...
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Dude it's all about this chick.
I didn't think that 3 gatsu no lion was bad. Seemed to have nice theme that even though main character wins the games, everyone else still seems happier than he.
Episode 4 is the best episode of saison 2, do yourself a favor and stop watching now.
I liked the cripple....gosh what the fuck was her name? Been too long since I've seen this series.

Aah yes...Despite her issues I found her to be incredibly hot. Maybe I'm just weird.
so what happens at the end? i skipped season 2
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I watched H&C only for her.
shitsux so hard

The only good thing about it was Morita and that catchy song at the end of episode 1
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well that sucked

shitty series indeed

so the sensei out of nowhere comes and says that he loves hagu, and takemoto and morita basically get fucked in the ass.

Pretty unrealistic series
File: 1205703946807.jpg (41 KB, 704x396)
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Nobody cares about Hagu.

Just like Yamada said: Sensei was out of equation.
>so the sensei out of nowhere comes and says that he loves hagu, and takemoto and morita basically get fucked in the ass. Pretty unrealistic series
Unrealistic? Sounds like real life to me.
Season 1 was wonderful, but I've stayed away from Season 2. Dunno why
I liked the first season, but second had too much drama.

But that's what made it so much more SHIT and painful
ITT people with no ties to the outside world

Well I have to say they have a point, IRL people can just start dating someone they just meet ... it happens.

You have a point if you say in a narrative you cannot pull that up without it being "MeetCute", pairing that come out of the left field with little to no building up always is bound to defraud the audience expectations, if the series is heavily based on relationship interactions it simply going to be viewed even worst.

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