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I miss Genshiken.
A third season would finish the story, right?
It got kind of shitty in the last half
2nd season never existed
There isn't really any story.

But I would like a 3rd season. I need moar of these characters.
I miss it ;_; I only recently read the last manga volume because I didn't want it to end. (Oh god Madarame is moe)

lulz, I must be one of the few who prefers the second anime series to the first + ovas
Madarame has a job now, and he was harldy in the later episodes. So 3rd season = bye by Madarame.

A Genshiken without Madarame is no kind of Genshiken at all.
Season 2 would have been better if they focused on more aspects to the anime fandom like they did with season 1. Instead of doing 2 rounds of Comiket which got boring the first time around.
Second season was really meh to me, I really pity people who tried to get into Genshiken and started on the second season. Obviously the manga is still the best choice as nearly always.
Fuck you, epic yaoi episode was fucking epic lulz.

But what I didn't like about the second half of the series is that they got Ogiue and Sasahara together like that.
Needs more American retards.
Best thing about 2nd season was Ohno and Tanaka getting together. Bless their little hearts.
Season three of Genshiken would be dominated by Ougie and Sasahara relationship. For whatever reason, the producers of Genshiken pushed all of that in season three, when they could have done it for the 2nd half of season two. Madarame and Saki are going to get an ep just so Madarame can play love sick puppy for her one last time.
seconded, although i'm hoping that they get out an ova or something to animate what's left of the manga
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