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Psyren, its like they took all the best part of Bleach,(hot chicks, cock teasers, MANLY RIVALERY) and left the fail like horrible pacing problems to Bleach. The main character even has a libido.
obscure generic shonen does not make up the fact that it's still generic shonen.
How can you call anything in Shounen Jump obscure?
I miss it so

Deadman Wonderland runs in Shounen Ace.
which is why it does'nt suck genericness?
Not neccesarily, there are plenty of shounen that's bad outside of Jump.
Generic shounen isn't innately BAD or anything. As far as entertainment value goes, generic setups deliver. The problem is avoiding all the traps that shounen authors generally fall into.

For starters, oblivious and/or overly benevolent protagonists will make the series shit. It's probably a defense mechanism against having things get resolved too early, since having the protagonist hook up with his love interest or having the protagonist finish off his opponents will shorten the length of the series considerably. A GOOD author would buffer the time with ACTUAL DEVELOPMENT but a BAD author just adds in lulzy shit to prolong the series and it turns to garbage.

Also, distinct power levels will limit a series' flexibility because there could be a wealth of interesting characters within the series but their interactions with each other will be restricted by the tiers of power (see: Bleach). GOOD authors will give characters distinct abilities but NOT distinct power levels so that their interactions can be more unique and battles will be more about strategy and how the abilities and individuals compare to each other rather than having potentially one sided matchups. Sometimes authors try to correct this by having a weaker tier character win against a higher tier one but the manner in which this is achieved is almost always ridiculous or contrived.
Mmmm. I'm reminded of Rurouni Kenshin, at least in regards to the distinct lack of power levels. You never had fighters who'd gone "a level beyond the others" (except in regards to being a superior swordsmen), you just had different fighting styles that had to be overcome with strategy as often as speed or brute force. Yahiko vs Henya, anyone?

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