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So /a/, I take it everyone is busy masturbating to the UBW route right now. Anyone have a text walkthrough like mirror moon had for the last patch? Their flow chart makes my head swirl.
C'mon /a/, I'll suck yo dick.
hold CTRL
I played it several days ago, it was good but nothing amazing.
got both ends without any walkthrough. Save at every choice and you';re guaranteed to finish it.
And then at the only bad end right after the Gilgamesh battle, Taiga tells you how to get the good end.
UBW is shit

Go back to /jp/
I need all of the Taiga routes.
Holy Shit the installer finally finished? I thought it was gonna be finished in 3 more years the way it was going.
Enjoy waiting 3 years for HF
Do you mean Tiger Dojos?

Also, it's not hard to get the true path. As long as you concentrate on pleasing Rin, you won't get anything other than the correct path and bad ends at route choices.
>>10274348 Go back to /jp/
That's what she said.

Also, OP, kill yourself.
Same thing, they removed mah Taiga route anyways, gotta look up doujinshi to get it now.
Pretending /a/ never had visual novel threads doesn't make them go away. Just because /jp/ exists doesn't mean the majority care.
Wow they released UBW? Fuck I wish I was there for the threads
Moot made /jp/ for VN discussion and all the shit /a/ didn't want
moot didn't even know what a light novel was. I doubt he knew where visual novels belonged.

Just because he handed down an edict doesn't make it intelligent. And we've ignored basically everything else about the split. All the "random crap that doesn't belong on /a/" returned in short order.
What the fuck is /jp/ anyways, I only come here like once a month.
All the threads were in /jp/, basically it went:
and 2 days after:
-That's it? All this drama for this?
fuck, I just found out about this now?
Except Touhou!

Thank Christ
Nobody cared about Touhou threads. They were just the sacrificial lamb that all dramafags need on image boards and forums to place all the problems of the world on.

Next, it'll probably be something like Spice and Wolf.
The silent majority revealed how they felt about Touhou after the split.

Now they keep to themselves in /jp/ posting shitty fanfics and the same images over and over.
You are kidding yourself, "Touhou Sucks" was pretty much the general feeling. Get out of your basement you will start noticing things.

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