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and doesn't frequent /jp/

>>mirror moon is happy to finally announce the release of Fate/stay night English v2.0, which translates the Unlimited Blade Works route. This patch also includes the ability to add voices into both the Fate and UBW routes, provided you have a copy of Realta Nua (PS2)

As a lot of folks guessed, the delay was related to the whole ripping/inserting issue of the RN voicefiles. I'm glad I downloaded RN beforehand waiting for this.

In b4 GB2/jp/.

Also, I'm not certain if the RN CGs are included. I wouldn't count on it though.
UBW is shit
One question

How good is the installer? I mean you waited 3? Months for it?
Those jokes got old about a month ago.

The RN voice project was started as a side-job, but Message wanted to include it on the UBW release even though only Fate had reached beta up to that point, wheras TakaJun wanted to go with text-only for a while and then release the voice patch later. Message won that obviously. The whole delay was majorly trying to do the inserting for UBW from near zero.
Can I still install this if I already used the leaked patch?


According to some posts in the /jp/ thread, the patch doesn't find their save data anymore and crerates a new install instead of overwriting the old one. Lol Message.
>>Can I still install this if I already used the leaked patch?
I wouldn't really try that. Go ahead if you want, but isn't there some way to uninstall the leaked one?

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