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Is there a program that lets me rename lots of pics? I have like 650 of them and I'll be damned if I was to name it one by one

And I just finished the series. Shit ending is shit
On the left looks suspiciously like Gaara's SSJ form.
Select all pictures, press F2, type the name, press enter.

name (1).jpg
name (2).png
name (3).jpg
>shit ending is shit
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a kishimoto made it and you expected something good oh anon
It seemed get a little gar

So beginning: Hurr, I could write a story if my life depended on it lol

Before time skip: Getting sort of gar

Post time skip: Am I gar? LOLNO I still cant write a story!

End: I will never be as successful as my twin brother and I hate it. I have no will to live
except I have more than one name for my pictures
>Is there a program that lets me rename lots of pics?
It's called a batch renamer, there hundreds of them and it's nothing remarkable. Check out Sourceforge.org and you should find something.

Just don't expect anything extremely advanced; I've yet to find one that can rename based on directory path and image dimensions (ie, "./Series/Volume 01/Chapter 006/file.jpg" -> "series-vol01-ch006-p###" where page increments in sequence by one except where width is greater than height).
I guess anything that just lets me quickly and manually type the name is fine
Just use folders, it's what all the hardcore kids like ddr and sparkster do

Try Metamorphose then (http://sourceforge.net/projects/file-folder-ren/).
thanks anon
Hmm... that wasnt what I was looking for

See, since I browse many sites and save many pics, I have them all jumbled up. I wanted to say, have pictures pop up one by one on the screen and I just need to type the file name
Didn't you say you wanted to NOT rename them one by one?

Anyway, use Irfanview for that stuff. Just go into slideshow mode (Enter), left and right key to find each image, then press F2 at each image you want to rename.
You sound smart.
File: 1205665060427.jpg (200 KB, 788x475)
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Ahaha, I haven't touched my "unsorted" folder since like May of last year
File: 1205665912362.jpg (559 KB, 1400x1050)
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Be more organised!
Easy for you to say...27,892 images sorted across 125 folders.
Magic File Renamer

almost 350,000 files across a few thousand folders here
2674 in one folder. I'll get to it one day
one hundred million files in one hundred million folders here

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