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watching the shitty CAM of rebuild 1.0
after watching this i'm kind of glad that we're saturated with moe crap, if whiny emo teenagers is teh alternative
bloody hell i forgot how annoying that little bitch can be
It's all the same stupid shit

"moe crap" makes you sound like Answerman
Man, I miss when every anime was an eva ripoff. At least they tried to be intelligent. Slice of life moe crap with lolis doesn't kid you into thinking you are watching something more than fucking cartoons for basement dwellers.
my dad wants to see this remake.

he thought the religious symbols were deep.
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i was thinking that, until teh rei showed up, and now i can't stop thinking of how incredibly moe rei is. oh my god. i just want to like, give her a giant hug and be all liek, everything's ok rei, you're awesome. and you have blue hair. at least you've got that going for you.

and then i realize, it's always been moe crap. the whole time. nowadays, they've just found better ways of telling you "THIS IS FUCKING MOE". but rei is more moe than them all (except yotsuba i guess...) but seriously. omg teh rei.

Rei invented moe.
She was the first waifu of many otaku.
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Rei's fucking moe alright.
Obvious troll is obvious. You see that sage up there? Yah, it's in all caps.

ryoko was mai waifu long before teh rei showed up and dethroned her.
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you must sage the Rika

do it now.
You see that sage up there? Yah, it's in all caps. Don't believe me? Check for yourself, faggot.

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