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If there's one thing I hate about fighting shounen, it's that 5 minutes' worth of meaningful plot occurs during 25 minutes of episode. Watching Bleach on A-S is agonizing because of it; as the credits roll, my reaction is invariably "I waited a week for THAT?!"

Yet I still watch.

Yu Yu Hakusho was better.
you watch bleach
I basically watch it for the fighting tbh. Also Soi Fon and Tatsuki.
Bleach fucking sucks
Be glad you're not watching DBZ.
>5 minutes' worth of meaningful plot occurs during 25 minutes of episode

Every five episodes, you mean.

At least One Piece has other character doing things, and interesting characters.
I have to admit, once bleach actually gets going, its really good. There have been several quality shounen fights and I expect the animators to be on the ball when [spolier]the captains show up and start raping the espada[/spoiler]
The biggest problem with Bleach is that it introduced a ton of interesting characters, in a fairly neat world/universue with lots of back story and relationships...BUT never gets around to explaining or exploring any of it. Instead it's the usual shonen "i gotta get stronger" shit, totally ignoring anything other awesome developments that could occur.
yet you still watch it.

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