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This is the 3rd series of Catman from Aoike Ryosuke which has already won an award in animation contest overseas. The first two were never televised but were presented at Odaiba Land. The third series features on Fuji Television with a heavy in-show sponsorship from SoftBank. This show is also one of the few animations produced entirely in Flash.

>Being that the show is named "Catman" naturally all the residents of the city in which the store takes place are anthropomorphic cat-people.
The show follows the main character, Catman, as he deals with some of the more difficult sides of this city. This show is rather unique in that there is no dialog in the show but is subtitled in both Japanese and English and features a rather lively soundtrack to help the show move along without the dialog.
jesus fucking christ... furfaggotry
>no dialog
>subtitled in both Japanese and English
Alright I don't care what fags say about furries, this looks interesting, artistically.

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