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File: Berserk_v33c294p01.png (353 KB, 965x1400)
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yeah it's been out a whole what, 4 hours?
that makes me slow?
I don't see a single thread and I've been here the whole damed time.
And yes, I've checked all other scanlators.

btw, how many chapters do we get each month? just once a month?
you guys are just jealous
sure, SCANS have been out, if you can read moonspeak that's great
in b4 han solo
just because no one made a thread, doesn't mean no one read it. maybe there was a thread and you missed it
it's totally random. This month it's gonna be two chapters. Next one's 3/28, but there was a 4 month break.
File: 1205645572428.jpg (64 KB, 369x418)
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it's been a whole four hours
I've been here the whole 4 hours
nobody made this thread before me

If we're lucky 1 chapter every 3 months.
ah I see, thanks, well I just started it yesterday but I put it on hold on vol 32. I thought it would have at least a lot of chapters, but then again, maybe that's why it's good unlike those shounen ones that go to 400 chapters fast
I made one, anon
yeah if you think about it. Berserk started 1988, and has 33 volumes while bleach started 2001 with 32 volumes
Link or I don't believe it. There was a Berserk thread, but it had nothing to do with scans. Plus it got deleted.
Anyhow just finished reading it myself. Yet another pointless chapter.
And you shall never compare these two again...ever...
why are the berserk releases slow?
and pointless chapters? I thought this was #1 manga
drawn by hand by 1 person? probably something like that
I just looked through all 10 pages. It goes back over 3 hours.
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rather die than see that ugly vagina
File: 1205650761621.jpg (834 KB, 1400x1419)
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File: 1205650779359.jpg (162 KB, 500x708)
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Konata is awwwright, but will always be second to Miyuki.
File: 1205650825721.jpg (643 KB, 756x1207)
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My favorite part of this chapter was Silat going "You realize Griffith is going to just feed you all to crazy space monsters and rape your girlfriends once it suits him, right?" and Laban was like "!"
Oh no you did not just compare Berserk to Bleach.
They're kinda similar anyway, they both have a guy with a big sword and are dark
1/10 because it made my eyebrow twitch for a second.
Shit, that was quick!

Are EG behind and catching up or are the raws just coming out a bit faster?
Miura releasing faster. EG was slow last time because some one was sick. Obviously they're back on track.
That was pretty much the only interesting thing about this chapter. I really don't give a shit about Silat and his group who've done absolutely nothing the entire manga even though they've been there a while.
I suspect they'll have an important role eventually.
Silat will join Guts merry band of misfits. DUH!
Hmmm....I don't even see how they would be of any help to him. At least not in the long term. Really, they're pretty weak, I don't know why Miura bothers with them.

Yeah, there's starting to be a trend, everyone that's tried to kill Guts, joins his party.
Guts has amazing BEFRIENDING powers.
You mean you don't see Silat's usefulness over Roderick, the kid, or that fat dude that use to be with Maso-bitch?

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