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hey /a/ssholes. im wondering the age of all the Beck band members. i know ryuusukes 16 and koyuki's 14, but how old are saku, chiba, and taira? just somethin ive been curious about
sauce on this anime
it's awesome, you should watch it. it's called "beck: mongolian chop squad" and its licensed in america so it might be hard to come across online. i only watched it at first cause it looked extremely boring, but its actually one of my favorites.
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About 38
chiba and taira are in highschool during the anime. I think like 16 or 17.

Where the manga's at now, Koyuki's like 18-19.
i really hope they make more seasons of the anime, i like to hear the music too. i dont want to read the manga cause if the anime comes out it wont be as interestin
you should just read it. it's buttloads better than the anime. I wouldn't hope for another season since it's been 3 years now.
Beck sucks, I don't know how but the mangaka made such a good idea suck extreme monkey balls, and the music from the anime is pure shit, sage for a series even shittier than Naruto
if it sucks so bad why did you watch/read it?
you cannot be juddy, juddy is too great for you to even pretend to be. his logic> yours. watching an anime you didnt like makes you more retarded than the creator of a bad anime. you sir, will receive my large dick in your anal cavity.

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