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File: DiebusterEnding.jpg (31 KB, 853x480)
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I just finished marathoning Gunbuster and Diebuster (in that order) and I have to say, I cried like a pussy.

You bastards spoiled the ending for Gunbuster a million times, but despite knowing what happens, I cried manly tears for our lesbian duo.

THEN, I watched Diebuster and I was "HOLY FUCKING SHIT!! SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT" for half of the time and then the ending happened. WHAT THE FUCK. I BAAAAAAAW'd like I never have before.

I'm still sniffling and am a mess. I hate you /a/, why do you have to go and make people watch stuff like this? I...I...I can't take this. I think I'll go cry a bit more before I come back.
Same thing happened to me ;_;
Should I start ranting about how Gunbuster sucked shit and Diebuster was only awesome for the first 4 episodes, before Gainax started catering to nostalgiafaggots?
It's only good for the ending.
File: 1205607762121.jpg (111 KB, 1280x960)
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Watch Gurren-Lagann next!

Imaishi's iconoclastic direction out-classes Anno or Tsurumaki when it comes to super robots!
I'm back, and I was wondering if anybody knew where I could download the OSTs, OP+ED, and such. TT only has one link to the OP and it's dead. Anyone?


you can get OP and OST of diebuster from #nipponsei on rizon
GL is overrated and not really any good to be honest =/
One troll down, a million more to go.

I think you meant to say "Gunbuster is overrated and not really any good, to be honest".
No ideas for the ED?
File: 1205610812274.jpg (62 KB, 1165x480)
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Here is the true ending

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