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Sometimes the hardest thing in the world is believing in yourslef, especially when your grades are less than stellar, or you're kind of clumsy. But you never know what the real you can do, set your mind and heart on it and anything is possible, Sailor Moon says. *giggle*

kindly choke on a dick.
>anything is possible
yeah thats true... maybe i should really kill myself. thank you Sailor Moon.
Did they really show Eternal Sailor Moon in one of those Sailor Says things, or is this just a shoop?

I remember them showing fanart of Chibichibi back when Toonami was still cool and had Sailor Moon among its lineup.
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It's fun imagining being a movie star or a rock and roll idol. All that attention, money, and fam but it's no good trying to be someone you're not. What makes a real star isn't about fame or money, but being the best person you can be and feeling good about yourself. Being a star in your own light is what really counts, Sailor Moon says. *giggle*
There was never an official dub of the last season of Sailor Moon, so that pic is probably fanmade.
Yeah I know there wasn't, I was just thinking that maybe they slipped up somehow and used a clip from SailorStars.

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