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anime or manga?
Both. At the same time.
manga while watching the anime
They're both awesome. I liked anime Revy more than manga Revy though, not sure why.
It's her low, grainy voice.
Rebecca = Becky or ReBy

Fuckin' weeaboos
I enjoyed it all the way up until the engrish started in later episodes. I just couldn't watch anymore.

I facepalmed harder than I ever had in my entire life, so much that it caused me to drop the series on the spot.
Final arc was indeed pretty bad.
Rest was awesome though
Her voice was done really well. Even the Engrish.
how the fuck does that have anything to do with being a weeaboo, fucktard?
The Engrish just made me laugh. No reason to just drop a fuckwin series because of that, what a tight ass.
Final arc was good for fucking with Rock's mind.

Especially when little miss schoolgirl becomes one with her bodyguard's katana.
Final Arc sucked except for the Bala part.
Rest of the series is concentrated liquid win.
I liked the final arc aside from the fact that I have no idea how the Yakuza works or is operated.
Shit was fucking awesome and then outta nowhere at the very end gay samurai Yakuza bullshit. Bowling alley scene kinda made up for it though, and Balalalalalika got even more awesome.
I thought the last arc was pretty good, definately not the best but fairly awesome nonetheless and definitely better than say; the Nazi arc or the intro arc, Ginji was fucking awesome.

The animu did leave me craving for more though, might have to look for the manga at some point. Can anyone tell me; is the manga finished already and how much of it is available scanslated?
Me again. Now that I think of it the first few episodes are pretty lame as well.
And when I say lame, I mean pretty cool but not as great as the rest of it.

I'm blaming the chronic lack of Bala.
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Few chapters after what happens at the Alley is done.
Its basically Roberta coming back and fucking up everyone's shit.
And Pills.
Lots of pills.
greatest supporting characters ever

- Balailaka
- Shenhua that Taiwan assassin who speaks funny
- SAWYER the chainsaw mute who spoke with the vibrator
- Romanian Twins, what did Rock see in the boat? vagooo or ponos?
- Blonde Indian Techie was incredibly cute too
- Nun from the church
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There's only one way I can answer that.
Point taken.

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