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I'm a retard who can't understand subtle symbolism and storytelling, could someone explain what the hell happened at the end of Mononoke's third arc? The first one was sort of weird but it made sense in the end, the second one was completely obvious but this one confused the shit out of me.
and yes I know the medicine seller's unsheathed sword looks phallic in that shot, no use pointing it out you immature faggots
symbolism is retarded
He killed her. The end.
I wonder if it was supposed to make sense or if the writers just pulled some random shit out of their asses to use as a "plot twist". Ochou was a mononoke? What the shit?
Then how would you explain the final scene? That was even more nonsensical; did the medicine seller travel back in time to kill her BEFORE she had the chance to murder everyone?

this arc was retarded ;_;
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Let me guess...
All the shit was in her head, and he took a dive into her whimpy inner self to make her divert from the path she was going down. If he hadn't come around, she would have eventually flipped rather than just fucking _leave_.

That's my take on it, at least.
Whenever an anime story is "open to interpretation", chances are the writer had no fucking idea what he was doing.

Wait, you mean he somehow entered the world of her subconscious mind or something? HOLY SHIT THE MEDICINE SELLER IS A PSYCHONAUT
He fucking cuts spirits to pieces and summons up shit from the deepest corners of people's souls.

No fucking duh.
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Wait, so the prison cell and that other room were one and the same, just filtered through Ochou's mind? I guess that does make sense.

Meh, it was still crappy compared to the second arc. Creepy Norio Wakamoto fish which knows your greatest fear + incestuous monk guy + the medicine seller kicking ass at the end = win.
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Why the lack of replies? I thought /a/ worshiped this series

was everyone forced to start hating it once Cirno praised it?

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