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File: Monster.jpg (15 KB, 248x369)
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This is old news, but what does Anonymous think about (the possibility of) an American-made live action Monster movie?

There was that fan-made poster... Gimme a minute, I'll find it.
oh god some one still remembers this was announced?
never, ever going to happen ;_;
If you're going to make an anime into a live action movie, this would be the one to choose.
I'm cautiously optimistic.
>never, ever going to happen ;_;
I hope it'll never happen to be honest. We all know too well how great the American movie industry is at ruining everything good with a crappy movie.

>I'm cautiously optimistic.
Me too. The idea is cool, but... I don't want one of my favorite series to be raped by some idiot who will turn it into a gorefest most likely.
Fuck, I can't find a poster. Anyway, unlike rumours about, say, Evangelion movie, this one has at least one name mentioned along with it (that of Jsh Olsen) and the date of 2009 drifting around. I have my hopes on it.
I, for one, hope it comes out anyway because it won't ruin my impression and opinion on the original anyway, and who knows, maybe wonders still happen in this world and it will be good.
File: 1205569493977.jpg (10 KB, 150x200)
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I think it would work out pretty well, but it wouldn't be popular.
Also I've known about this for what, 3 years? And in all that time there has been NO INFORMATION AT ALL, beyond what I knew 3 years ago
File: 1205569995712.png (131 KB, 800x338)
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Suddenly, Grimmer.
File: 1205570171139.jpg (38 KB, 320x320)
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How will it work in movie format? One of the things I liked about Monster was its slow pace and buildup of suspense, but that will not work if it's compressed into a 2 hour long movie.
I liked the suspense, of course, but some parts of Monster can be described as FUCKSLOW and boring instead of buildup.
And anyway, the main point of a movie is that it should use the original as a base, not follow it blindly. Example of bad adaptaion = Harry Potter (ignoring the quality of the books themselves here). It TRIES to follow the book, but as a stand-alone movie for those who don't know the original, it's shit. They can crop out half the Monster's story but present the left half that well, that we'll like it anyway. This is a dream situation, but all I'm saying that we don't need EVERYTHING to be converted into a movie. We know it anyway. I want a good movie, not the same shit in different look. Even if it turns into a gorefest, it can be a good gorefest.
P.S. The biggest problem is that no actor is going to satisfy me in the role of Johann.

could easily work in 2 hours, there was SOOO much filler in this show...lol.
File: 1205570747406.gif (3 KB, 186x213)
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File: 1205570803276.jpg (72 KB, 692x659)
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File: 1205570864586.jpg (87 KB, 406x502)
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It already has adaptation lol.
It's a pity Tommy Lee Jones is too old now.
Anyone who thinks that you can cut out half of Monster with no problem didn't really "get" it.

I'm not saying "lol 2 deep 4 u", but there was a lot of significance in many of those "filler" stories, and where there wasn't direct relation to the plot, there were simply some beautiful, awe-inspiring scenes. You probably took a lot more from those "slow, boring parts" than you realize.

That said, I cannot fathom how this will work and still retain its flavor. IIRC, the word is that the production company greenlighted the adaption for two movies, so we have 4-6 hours feasibly. The last I heard from Josh Olson, who is doing the screenplay adaption, is something along the lines of: "It's kind of sad when I go onto forums where people are discussing the series. I'm reading up about everyone's favorite parts and many of those are the ones that I had just cut from my script."
Cronenberg to direct, probably.
Guillermo del Toro (who has read the manga) said he would want to do it as a mini-series, but not as a movie. Smart man.
I am >>10246771
As I see it, it doesn't necessary HAVE TO "retain it's flavour". Monster is a script base, I am ready to see it as a criminal detective, social drama, gorefest or grim and bloody romance movie, even. What I say is that the outcome can have little similarity in feel to our respected Monster, but it will be good anyway if what they do is good by itself.
I believe that I love all those side-stories and even slow pacing as much as you do, but I am ready to see this story in a totally different light, if they do it right.
>>but it will be good anyway if what they do is good by itself.
Yeah, no qualms here. My problem is that I view this outcome as almost impossible considering the factors involved.
I hope I will be pleasantly surprised.
Well, the actual genre of thrillers/criminal movies is in a better state now than, like, eveything else.
Btw I think Ryan Gosling would make a decent Johann, looking at him in the Fracture.
I'd like it to come out.

It would probably end up like every other J-adaptation, that is, hacked from the source, but still... it'd be a live-action anime. Not Speed Racer.

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