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Hay /a/, is Kino's Journey/Kino no Tabi actually good? If I'm not watching it for fap material? I like my animu to have some substance.

ITT opinions on this series.
You'll like it.
Up there with Mushishi as one of the best.
I should probably rewatch it, it's been a few years.
If you like Lucky Star you'll love it.
obvious troll
I thought you didn't, though.
You couldn't fap to the TV animation if you tried.
It's good. It's short. And there's only 1 episode that has a confusing plot. I keep forgetting that Kino is a girl though.
Book is fuckawsome, shame only one volume out and no news when the others will be released. Can't say that I've seen the show
I'd like to see some more kino pics, so i can start a folder. me and my faggy friend are watching the series together, and we both typically enjoy it, although it went from "myeh" it "awesome" in .025 seconds when she brought out the knife gun.
I put it off for years and am sorry i did, it's one of my favorite series now.

any self respecting anime fan old enough to have graduated high school needs to have seen this series. it's one of the new essentials.
I can RS my kino folder for you
Where did you get that impression? I have a problem with people rating it as high as things that are actually technically accomplished (One of my pet peeves is the typical /a/ hivemind), but it's still a decent show.

i could have your babies if you make this happen.
there's an episode with a confusing plot? I don't recall that-- or do you mean the place with books
I liked the crap out of it. I wish Spice and Wolf was more like it.
uploading now, about 25min left
The entire show is awesome, watch asap

For the most part I actually liked the book better than the anime (in terms of plot, of course). We actually got to see a little bit into Kino's head. She was still very detached but she seemed slightly more affected or moved by things than her anime counterpart.
Yup. I've only watched it once, so it may make more sense whenever I decide to rewatch it.
Thats what I liked about it: most of the chapters didn't have her saving the day and being a hero, fits in with what she thinks about herself in the prologue.
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If you want fap material, go for the RS. If you want weirdness, go for the series.

I mean, don´t misunderstand. I loved the series. Kino is a cool character, the idea of a talking motorrad is pretty rad, and the stories in each episode can really get you thinking (specially the Country of Peace). But there is a sense of weirdness and mystery all throughout the series that will probably make your brain shut off as if you were taking some kind of relaxing drug.

At least, that´s what happened to me the first time I watched it. I probably need to rewatch it.
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about 5 more min for the RS
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and I'm done
I love the series. I completely fell in love at the third episode, with the end-of-the-world prophecy. I wasn't expecting that to have a true conclusion, but the way that it did let loose bricks of joy from my sphincter.

By the way, does anyone have a Kino Gununu? I need one as my Kino folder icon.
English Herme's voice is full of fail

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