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One question shared by many was: "How do I volunteer to become a janitor or moderator?"
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This has already been answered in the FAQ
If you read the newsposts, moot mentioned that janitor applications were going to be open "soon". When were they opened? I don't know, but I do know that there was a lot of time between the newspost and now.

And no, you can't bother to try anymore.
I'd make the best mod ever. I have no job or life and consequently am on the internet 18 hours a day.
I'd make the best mod ever. I find moot kinda attractive and I give great head.

So do I, but the problem is that there's only so many hours in the day and already quite a few mods lined up to suck his cock, so you need to be able to make yourself useful in the meanwhile.
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Our definition of "positive contribution" is the submission of substantial, helpful, friendly, and humorous posts to the boards, along with the uploading of quality images and files. We feel that positive contribution should be treated as a way of donating to 4chan without actually having to fork over cash.

>18 hours a day
You need more training.
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"Janitors" are a class between "end user" and "moderator". They are given access to the report system and may delete posts on their assigned board(s), as well as submit ban requests. Janitors are selected via an application, orientation, and testing process. Janitors are instructed to not reveal their position to others and to conduct themselves as would be expected of any other user. A breach in confidentiality is grounds for immediate expulsion from the program.
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I honestly don't know what moot is looking for in janitors, I've applied twice and written a novella each time and not even made it past the first round of selection. moot said almost everyone who applied last time got past the first round - I didn't even get a "thanks for applying, we reviewed your app but don't want you".

What sort of skills do we need?
He rolls dice. You got a critical failure.
you tried too hard
You need to suck up.

No seriously though. It's completely random. No one actually considers whether you'll be fit for the job. That would take effort.

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