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File: akagi smirk.jpg (39 KB, 640x480)
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I just noticed that they use the word "gyakuten" a lot in Akagi. Is this show perhaps related to Phoenix Wright? Washizu kinda looks like Manfred von Karma.
Akagi looks so fucking hot in that cap
I know. :(

Too bad if you tried to kiss him, you'd probably be stabbed to death on his razor-sharp nose.
It just means reversal. Akagi often comes back from the brink, which is why it's used. There's no relation.
I'm so GAR for Akagi ;_;
Maybe they should make a Phoenix Wright case where he investigates a mahjong-based murder, and one of the witnesses is Akagi, and call it Turnabout Turnabout.
Haidei , dora 4.
I would die orgasming
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206 KB JPG

Why did you have to do this? Now it won't stop.
File: 1205555910729.jpg (72 KB, 300x311)
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Why did you have to do this?
It's just coincidence. A lot of the Japanese names in PW are puns on normal Japanese words. Phoenix's name in Japanese, for example, is Naruhodo, which is also Japanese for "I see," or "I understand." You hear that a lot in Akagi and Kaiji too. It's just a regular word.

Also, thanks for reminding me, OP. Think I'm gonna try working on a vector of that image.
Yeah I know, I know what "gyakuten" means. I also knew what naru hodo meant.

It's kinda funny, because once I learned that Naruhodou is a pun on naru hodo it's become a "can't unhear it" thing, and every time I hear it I think of Phoenix Wright. Especially if they say it twice. If they say "naru hodo, naru hodo" I hear "naru hodo, Naruhodou."
File: 1205556309033.gif (4 KB, 592x407)
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Also, this is what an Akagi-style Phoenix would look like. GARuhodou.
File: 1205556609515.gif (46 KB, 420x630)
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Fuck, I'd let him prosecute me any day, if you know what I mean.
Why you do this? But I can't look away.

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