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Any good romance anime you'd like to recommend?

I qualify pretty much everything from oldies to current season. As long as it good, that is.

If you could recommend only one romance anime which would it be?

Yes, I know making request threads is discouraged, but..

pic to get your attention
Bible Black
I saw that one coming.
boku no pico
I liked Bokura ga Ita.
5 Centimeters, Kare Kano, Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora, in before my faggy suggestions get flamed to all hell.
Love Hina, but just the manga. For the love of God, DON'T WATCH THE ANIME!
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hey look, it a tripfag, and a girl, combined into one
kare kano. now.
Fuck that romance shit.

Watch something awesome, like Lucky Star.
Agreed, though most of the people I suggested the manga to ended up coming back to me pissed off because of the length and repetitiveness.
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112 KB JPG
Sounds interesting. I'll check it out.

Anythig else?
i thought mezzo forte was a great romantic comedy, some of the scenes were so silly and gave you this really fuzzy feeling ^___^
Oh, also Sola, I fuckin loved Sola.
Ah-ha. While you're at it, you may as well fix the capitalization in
>78. Trigun - Science FI
>46. Mononoke - SuperNatural
nana, but i only read the manga, i really don't know if the anime is good.
also nobody mentioned kimi ga nozomu eien. from what i remember it's good.
karekano is awesome, too bad it doesn't really have an end.
Umi ga Kikoeru
koi kaze, kemonozume, and saikano
Because eating Pringles together = good love story.
Kimagure Orange Road - comedy/romance but gets serious in the movie
Millenium Actress
Gotta watch the OVA if you watch that :D
I was thinking of the tender loving scenes but okay, whatever floats your boat
I second Mezzo Forte, touching story.
Apocalypse Zero
not a romance. a harem.
Kare kano: His and her and that guy's and her mother's and my aunt's neighbor's circumstances. pregnancy end = BS

Read the Unbalancex2 manga, i guess.
Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I'll be sure to check at least some of them out tonight.

I don't know about the manga, but the anime was terrible.

This seems to be coming up a lot. Is it scifi or that kind of stuff? Also the pics I googled look kind of fanservicey.
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File: 1205548308056.jpg (32 KB, 213x294)
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pic is OP IRL
Shuffle! for everyday life realism and deep romance.
Love = delusion, just like religion, GTFo with youre bullshit stupid morons
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So the trolls have finally arrived, huh? Should I get totally butthurt now or what?

Any manga recomendation? I've just finished Maison Ikkoku and it was great.
File: 1205548753820.gif (67 KB, 232x758)
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girls love loli, don't they? i figure they would be all over that shit like money or cars
>>10240364 cars

Those only attract men.
You're butthurt now since you replied to the trolls.
Seconding Kimagure Orange Road. The series has a very nice and nostalgic feel to it even if it is the first time you have watched it and the movie has to be one of the most realistic resolutions to a love triangle I have ever seen.
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Hey, girls love little girls. Or so you'd think.

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