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So, /a/, I finally caved and started watching Ghost Slide. And holy shit, once again /a/ shows it can differentiate between gold and shit. My thoughts so far, as I marathoned nearly all of the episodes up to this point (is 11 subbed yet? SlideSubs better get off their asses) over the weekend.
-Colonel for saiGAR ‘09
-Alva going berserk was fucking incredible. It was like watching Seras in vol. 7 of Hellsing, only hotter.
-It’s sad Winston had to die, but damned if he didn’t go down like a GAR motherfucker in episode 3. Winston is now the new Hughes.
-I want to hug that long-haired loli ghost that keeps appearing and disappearing. ;_;
-It’s good to see American characters in an anime that aren’t hammy and stereotypical. Nathan and Rick are both awesome characters, but it’s my best bet that they’re the ghosts of two young soldiers who died in Pearl Harbor (lol, touchy subject for Japan) and have descended from heaven to help our main, non-ghost cast. They keep talking about WWII, namely its early events up to Pearl Harbor, plus both say they’ve “served in the American NAVY”, so that’s just setting my plot device-detector off.
-Shel is made of retarded moe and “NE, RIKKU-SAN!”.
-The ghost of the round table knight from episode 4 was one of the most fucking awesome short-lived bad guys I’ve seen in an anime.
tl;dr, quite possibly the best show this season. The Baccano!-sized cast of characters might lead to a lack of character development, but I heard recently Ghost Slide would have a total of 36 episodes rather than the regular 26 (already twice that of Baccano!), so that may solve that problem. On a side-note, I’m (somewhat) interested in knowing what Cirno thinks about this show. Aside from the obvious, of course (lol inferior to Gurren Lagann).
In b4 that shitty “doesn’t exist, like Tsukihime” meme.
Shit sux

Let's talk about My Awesome English Teacher Mr. Thayer
What about him is awesome?
Dude, SlideSubs is the new Mahora. They're never going to finish it. And Shinsen dropped it after episode 6.
>My awesome English teacher Mr. Thayer
shit sucks gtfo ;_;
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This stopped being funny quite a while ago.
But isn't it a title?
Ghost Slide is not a real anime. Saged and reported.
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Fail less.
shit sucks gtfo ;_;
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I like that creepy little ghost loli, too. My best prediction is that she’s eventually going to join the main troupe, help them, and at the end of the series pull a Fuko and disappear without anyone remembering her, just like how the team doesn’t remember the helpful spirit of that white-clad woman in episode 2.
This guy is probably behind all those crappy MANkoto shoops.
>-It’s sad Winston had to die, but damned if he didn’t go down like a GAR motherfucker in episode 3. Winston is now the new Hughes.

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Which creepy ghost loli came first?
(There was a GS manga, right?)

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