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File: 1203474097_0007.jpg (156 KB, 1280x1440)
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As a person who does not watch Clannaid,(And don't plan to) why is it so enjoyable to apparently a good deal of anonymous here?
>(And don't plan to)

It's the only thing UNICEF lets us watch.
Sunohara gay end
A good deal of anonymous are retarded.
File: 1205199313630.jpg (65 KB, 640x480)
65 KB
Watch it to find out.

If not, our tastes simply differ.

In before hueg flamefest about whose taste sucks and whose taste does not.
This is the reason.
File: 1203474097_0044.gif (399 KB, 254x191)
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399 KB GIF

How is that trolling? I have no interest in watching Clannad. I am grabbing these images from a Japanese BBS I frequent though.
It doesn't entertain me at all. It kills time and it's fun watching train wrecks.
File: 1203844168419.jpg (63 KB, 654x700)
63 KB
I watch for Kyou's bowling pin.
Different people enjoy different things. I know this is startling to some of you, but it's true.
chocobo, mirror, this, that..in before HORRIBLE things

i don't have the pictures on my laptop, but...I CANNOT UNSEE ;_;
File: 1203474097_0047.jpg (116 KB, 720x480)
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116 KB JPG
sieg hail
pic related.
That... was a little bit late.
You start watching the show for the girls.

You stay for Sunohara.

Sunohara >>>>>>>>> generic tsundere
File: 1205079329436.jpg (129 KB, 390x568)
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129 KB JPG

Also been looking forward to Kotomi's 5 seconds of screentime for some reason
because the people actually look like people.
Hello Anonymous, I come bearing news for you the community of 4chan. We have taken episode 16 of Clannad due to excessive amount of sexual scenes of an underaged character, Mei Sunohara.
We have requested Kyo-Ani to remove this content and will not be released in the DVD versions. Thank you all for cooperating.
File: Sunohara4.jpg (157 KB, 640x480)
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157 KB JPG

Played the VN.

That's It. No other reasons. Sometimes for the hell of it, but then it'll get dropped.
File: 1180644512002.jpg (39 KB, 704x396)
39 KB
Because Tomoya being canon gay for Sunohara is AMAZING.

Clannad:Sunohara Ending

Tomoya: "Please stop..."
Sunohara: "...Huh?"
Tomoya: "Please stop doing this... Sunohara..."
Sunohara: "Why?"
Tomoya: "You'll get all popular..."
Sunohara: "Well, yeah, 'cause I'll be a star."
Tomoya: "If you become a star, the time we spend together will disappear..."
Sunohara: "Well, that is..."
Tomoya: "I don't want that..."
Sunohara: "Hahaha, you don't want to be lonely, huh. It's all right, I'll put you in the Sunohara Army too.
Sunohara: "Well, it's kinda like the Ishihara Army, but..."
Tomoya: "No way..."
Sunohara: "Huh...?"
Tomoya: "Don't make an army like that"
Tomoya: "Don't you realize that there are other people close to you already?"
Sunohara: "Well, yeah, but..."
Tomoya: "You know... Sunohara... I...."
Sunohara: "Hm?"
Tomoya: "Lately, I've been meeting up with all kinds of different girls..."
Tomoya: "All of them were different..."
Tomoya: "But, from them, I got an answer..."
Tomoya: "It was you..."
Sunohara: "What are you talking about? I don't really get it..."
Tomoya: "To be brief... I mean I want to be with you."
Sunohara: "....Huh?"
Tomoya: "I want to be together with you forever."
Tomoya "...Am I not good enough for you?"
Sunohara: "No, but, I want a girlfriend too, and if that happens..."
Tomoya: "So I'm not good enough, huh?!"
Sunohara: "Wait"
Sunohara: "You mean... you want me to choose you... for a girlfriend...?"
Tomoya: "Yeah."
Sunohara: "I don't really swing like that..."
Tomoya: "Well I do!"
Sunohara "........."
Tomoya: "………"
Sunohara: "I... I didn't know..."
Tomoya: "Yeah... well, I just realized it now..."
Tomoya: "Up until today, I've been meeting various girls, but none of them got me excited at all..."
Tomoya: "So, Sunohara..."
Tomoya: "Be only my Sunohara forever."
Sunohara: "I... I wonder about that~"
Tomoya: "Please! Aren't we best friends?!"
Sunohara: "Let's put an end to our being best friends then."
Tomoya: "Let's go beyond being best friends!"
Sunohara: "Um, no thanks, I'll pass..."
Tomoya: "Why's that, damn it..."
TomoyA: "Fine, I get it. I'll look for someone else."
Tomoya: "I'm cutting it off with you."
Sunohara: "Eh?!"
Sunohara: "Wait a second!"
Tomoya: "What do you want? You're a complete stranger to me now."
Sunohara: "Well... We've already been friends for so long... You don't need to say you'll cut me off..."
Tomoya: "Then you'll go out with me?"
Sunohara: "Both choices are too extreme!"
Tomoya: "Ah, I love that face."
Sunohara: "Eeeek!!"
Tomoya: "So, how about it? What's your choice?"
Tomoya: "Cutting off our friendship or going out."
Sunohara: "This is the ultimate decision, huh..."
Tomoya: "Come on, if you don't answer already I'm leaving."
Sunohara: "Uu..."
Sunohara: "Fine... I'll go out with you...for now..."
Tomoya: "All right then, from now on that's the kind of relationship we'll have."
Sunohara: "Yeah... Someday please go back to how you used to be."
Sixth period continues, homeroom ends, then after school.
Sunohara: "Finally, classes have ended."
Sunohara stands up and makes a triumphant pose.
Tomoya: "Is there something going to happen today too?"
Sunohara: "Yeah. My room's getting more cyber."
Tomoya: "How?"
Sunohara: "I'm gonna hook up a game console on that TV I borrowed yesterday."
Tomoya: "Sunohara, that's really cyber!"
Sunohara: "Isn't it?"
Sunohara: "It's wasteful to have a TV and not do anything with it."
Tomoya: "You're so smart."
Sunohara: "Well then, for now I'm off to get the stuffs."
Tomoya: "OK!"
Sunohara: "Hehe, this is too easy."
Sunohara beside me holds a game console to his chest
He let me carry the controllers and games in a paper bag. They were also borrowed from underclassmen.
Sunohara: "Next is playing the games. No way I'm disconnecting this.
Tomoya:"Yeah, seriously."
Sunohara: "Let's play fighting games 'til the skin on our fingers peels off!"
Tomoya: "Hahaha! If it peeled off it would hurt and we wouldn't be able to play any more!"
Sunohara: "All right! I'm gonna connect it."
As soon as we enter the room, Sunohara promptly begins to connect the system to the TV.
Sunohara: "Hey, go plug it in there."
He hands me one side of the cable.
Sunohara: "Gyaaaaa-!"
Since his butt was pointed towards me, I plugged it in there.
Sunohara: "Like that would work!"
Sunohara: "Plug it into the console!"
Tomoya: "Sorry, I just thought I had to exploit you."
Sunohara: "Eeeek!!!"
File: 1203207309192.jpg (132 KB, 600x499)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
comedy, sentimental drama, cute girls, etc. there's also the factor that there isn't much else to watch. anonymous has lots of free time
Sunohara: "Switch on!"
Sunohara pushes the switch.
A brown bar floats up and becomes the title screen.
Sunohara: "........."
Sunohara: "...Fun with Arithmetic?"
Tomoya: "He's making a fool out of you...There's nothing but educational games..."
Sunohara: "Seriously...?"
Tomoya: "Yeah, it means you're being treated like a little brother..."
Sunohara: "Shit, Sunohara, what should we do..."
Sunohara: "I wish I had checked the games before borrowing them..."
Tomoya: "Shall I go raid him?"
Sunohara: "...Huh?"
Tomoya:"I can't forgive someone who makes a fool out of Sunohara."
Tomoya: "Unforgivable..."
I shake my clenched fist.
Sunohara: "W-wait! Calm down!"
Tomoya: "What? This doesn't piss you off? I'm really angry about this."
Sunohara: "Well, there's just a little bit of time before graduation, and causing a fuss over this would be just what they'd expect."
Tomoya: "I see... I didn't realize."
Tomoya: "Sunohara, you really are smart. You're the greatest!
Sunohara: "Well, it's just that you're too nasty..."
Tomoya: "Hey..."
Sunohara: "Hm?"
Tomoya: "From today on, I'm going to live in this room too."
Sunohara: "Eeeek!!!"
Tomoya: "Yahoo! I love that face!"
Before night falls, I go home for a bit and put my luggage in order and return to the dormitory.
Inside the corridor, Sunohara was on the phone.
Sunohara: "Oh, really now? Do what you want."
Gachan! He slams the phone violently against the receiver.
Tomoya: "What's wrong?"
Sunohara: "My little sister said she's coming over, she doesn't listen..."
Tomoya: "Little sister?!"
Tomoya: "You... You have a sister?"
Tomoya: ...I never knew.
Sunohara: "Hey, what's with that big luggage... It looks like you ran away."
Tomoya: "Yeah, and I don't plan on going back."
Sunohara: "Eeeeek!!!"
Tomoya: "Can I try too? Eeeek!!"
Tomoya: "So, what's your sister like?"
I sit back and start up a conversation.
Sunohara: "She's just a normal girl."
Tomoya: "Yeah, I had a feeling she was like that."
Sunohara: "Yeah. Just a normal girl. A bit brother-obsessive, though..."
Tomoya: "Brother-obsessive... That's a great word, especially when you say it."
Tomoya: "But, since your sister's coming, is something bad going on?"
Sunohara: "Her motive is what's bad."
Tomoya: "Motive? She has some motive for coming?"
Sunohara: "Yeah..."
Sunohara: "She's... coming to check on whether I'm okay or not."
Tomoya: "You're fine, aren't you?"
Sunohara: "Yeah, healthwise..."
Tomoya: "Well, if it's not health, then...?"
Sunohara: "Yeah..."
Tomoya: "Mental health, huh..."
Sunohara: "Yeah..."
Sunohara: "She always cheered me on in soccer..."
Sunohara: "And she was feeling proud that despite me being an idiot, I was able to get into a good school because of my soccer skills..."
Tomoya: "You're not an idiot!"
Sunohara: "Yeah... that's why she's really worried about me..."
Sunohara: "So she wants to see with her own eyes how I'm doing, probably..."
Tomoya: "But your little sister's a student, right? Does she have the time to kill to come here?"
Sunohara: "Tsk... She's probably ditching..."
Tomoya: "That's something you two share, huh."
Sunohara: "You hit the bull's-eye."
Tomoya: "But you're like a shining bright diamond." (OH GOD THIS IS TOO GAY. WHY DON'T YOU SUCK HIS COCK ALREADY.)
Sunohara} "What should I do..."
Tomoya: "Why don't you just show her you're healthy?"
Sunohara: "How?"
Tomoya: "How does playing soccer naked together and laughing with each other sound?"
Sunohara: "That's sick."
Tomoya: "Yeah..."
Tomoya: "Then... how about we get naked and stand on top of the school gate meaninglessly in our free time?"
Sunohara: "Why are we naked in all your plans?!"
Tomoya: "You just have to have it your way..."
Sunohara: "I'm just saying I'm not `lively' in that sort of way."
Sunohara: "To be brief..."
Sunohara: "What we have to show is that I, who have lost my dream, have found another happiness."
Tomoya: "Another happiness, huh..."
I stare intently at Sunohara's face.
What `happiness' could have possibly appeared to him?
Tomoya: "Me..."
Sunohara: "What?"
Tomoya: "No, I just realized, the happiness that's come to you, it's the fact that I exist as your lover."
Sunohara: "Eeeeeek!!!"
Tomoya: "Next time you make that face I'll kiss you."
Sunohara: "Eeeeek!!!"
Tomoya: "Ah, there you go. *smooch*"

It still boggles the mind how Tomoya can go from straight as a line to a fruit salad in one fucking ending.
Why is this still here? I thought someone would've deleted it by now.

Adds to the content. Plus it gets a chuckle out of me.
File: Gay15.jpg (79 KB, 633x478)
79 KB
Delicious GAY END
Where did you get this? It's not on his page.
File: 227039_m.jpg (71 KB, 400x400)
71 KB
It was pretty damn freaky. Tomoya went from

Sunohara: I'm handsome, right?
Tomoya: Yeah...

To "BE MY ONLY SUNOHARA FOREVER" In like one minute.
wow... serisouly, i'm all for gaying up some anime, but this shit snoozed it up too.
W... what?
File: chin.png (150 KB, 1007x564)
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150 KB PNG
Something interesting that I noticed...
Why are you using Futaba? You goddamn FAGGOT
File: Sunohara9.jpg (69 KB, 330x367)
69 KB
Sunohara is straight same thing with Tomoya
How does it feel knowing that I'm READING your comment in futaba?
I don't think so...
File: Gay5.jpg (60 KB, 639x481)
60 KB
ITT: Lies
File: 1205012090071.jpg (66 KB, 615x441)
66 KB
I'm not saying that YOU are the Sunohara shoop guy. But maybe he did that and is still here on /a/...

File: futaba.png (1024 bytes, 184x174)
1024 bytes
1024 bytes PNG
That picture? Yeah, it's in futaba.

The pic to the left? I can't even see it.
I wasn't referring to myself. What I meant was, I think I found the picture on some Japanese site, so I'm not sure.
File: tomoyo_apron.jpg (23 KB, 240x320)
23 KB

File: 1203172541262.jpg (685 KB, 990x1400)
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685 KB JPG
File: 1202575607074.jpg (944 KB, 3851x2000)
944 KB
944 KB JPG
File: 1204656559865.jpg (56 KB, 640x480)
56 KB
File: clannad.png (5 KB, 211x181)
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File: 1202575459403.jpg (383 KB, 460x1302)
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383 KB JPG
I'd eat her ben... oh, fuck it, it's too easy.
I'd eat her-

Fuck it, it's just too obvious
File: 1202594178596.gif (908 KB, 480x360)
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908 KB GIF
File: 1203173580781.jpg (30 KB, 704x396)
30 KB
File: clann.jpg (7 MB, 1680x1050)
7 MB

counter-hivehivehivemind protection
I remember when people only stated hivemind with 3 or more.
Is it just me or did they make Ryou too cute in the anime? She was an ugly bitch in the game.
This one was fucking uncanny though

Ryou can never be too cute
File: 1205540971763.png (79 KB, 250x250)
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