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LA Negima reached its 23rd iteration and...
holy crud, from what I have been able to tell was Chao behind all the cheap CG disapparings all along? And she plotted not to mention carried out the whole shit on her own all along?
Then again, I'm following the series without knowing a lick of moonspeak, so my understandings might as well be a tad off. I would be dazed if it were otherwise.
Either ways, what a tweest.
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On a side note, thank you for watching.
Judging from that screen, it doesn't seem like they're following the manga that accurately.
Yeah, now I know why many had been complaining about the series branching off from the original manga so heavily.
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That aside, the whole episode was a veritable filler.
Good job catching up with the backlog.
File: 1205528739396.jpg (502 KB, 1041x1600)
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Who says anything about catching up? They're probably going to end it in episode 26 like all the other Negima anime.

And Goddamn I saw that coming a mile a way since Chao was acting like such a fucked up cunt all this time. Nothing like the manga at all! Chao was just being a total bitch on PMS.
That and she's in love with Negi in the Live version.
In other news....

They tried following the manga accurately. The show failed.

Then they gave up on that idea. People noticed, and the show failed even harder.

Then somebody ELSE branched off on purpose. The show was awesome.

The moral: One shouldn't try to make a show absolutely the same as a work it is based off of.
Lame CG is lame

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