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We need to get Cirno the fuck off these boards.

He's a fucking ego inflated faggot. What happened to the good old /a/ where we'd sage everytime a tripfag posted?

I say we drive Cirno out the way we drove Anime Expert out, but I've got to say even he was cooler than this faggot.

Come on /a/nons!
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Before I start, I'd like to actually point out what makes this community "Good" or at the very least "Unique." Between /a/, and other anime related discussion forums, you'd notice little to no difference aside from layout and posting format. The rules are the same; no NSFW content, no inflammatory remarks, keep content on-topic, etc. The thing that makes us special would be the elitism brought on by the fact that you can post anonymously. Yes, it's also extremely immature, and as a result, people latch on to average shows because they're accepted by the community. It does keep this place relatively free from terrible anime, however. Our sheer intolerance for Gurren-Lagann or related series' is what keeps /a/ different from other places. We are prone to group-think, and group-think has done us well: Which leads me to my next point.

We must maintain the status quo.

Status quo: "The way things are," or "The current state of affairs." This is the underlying fabric of what keeps our community together. Because of the anonymous environment, the status quo is actually vulnerable. That anonymous nature can be shattered by an unfortunate group of posters, the Tripfags. Tripfags, called Tripfriends by the deceived, are a cancer.
fuck you
/b/ loev daily dose!
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I'm sure we all know what a Tripfag is. We experience it every day. A Tripfag is a person who is deliberately disturbing the order of things to "Fish" for emotional responses from /a/’s population. This is very dangerous because that order is what keeps us, the community, who we are.

You might say "Don't respond to Tripfags" as a means to prevent them from doing it, but that won't work. /a/ gets new posters every day, whether you like it or not. These posters need to adapt to the way things are; the natural order. Ignoring Tripfags would allow Tripfags to dominate the board through Tripfag posting. Old members would know better, but new users will not. With new users constantly coming in, they will adapt to this "Tripfaggery" and the problem will grow worse.

From this, I don't think I need to do much to convince you that responding to Tripfags is absolutely necessary. You need to fight Tripfags to protect new people from adopting their mindset. You need to counter post to show that the majority of the people do not need the attention. You need to contribute to an eventual 250+ post shitstorm just so the very fabric of our community isn't ripped apart by these attention whores. It should be extremely clear to everyone just what Tripfaggery does. Tripfaggery causes a mandatory 250+ argument over nothing.

Tripfaggery needs to stop. Thank you in advance for making /a/ a better place.
Report submitted! This window will close in 5 seconds...
Tripfags have been sighted the evidence of war has begun
Many tripfags fighting men their swords and shields all gleam in the sun
Call to arms defend yourselves get ready to stand and fight for your lives
Judgement day has come around so be prepared dont run stand your ground

Theyre coming in from the sea
Theyve come the enemy
Beneath the blazing sun
The battle has to be won
Tripfags ... pillaging
Tripfags ... looting

Set ablaze the campfires alert the other men from inland
Warning must be given theres not enough men here for a stand
The tripfags are too many much too powerful to take on our own
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File: 1205521611564.png (10 KB, 426x364)
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This thread is pushing me out the door! What are you doing?! Stop! Stop, I'll have to leave /a/ if this continues!

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