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Do you watch OP/ED every time you watch
an anime episode or just skip it?
It depends, always watch the opening the first time: if I like it, I watch it; if I don't, I skip it.
I Never watch the endings
Watch the op if it's good
Minimize and hear if it's not but:
Skip if it's a SoL comedy with a terrible opening
Same to endings
Depends if it's good or not

I have an easier time speaking ED's though even if the ED is good
Never skip. Skipping is for streaming faggots.
I used to do that, now I treat it as autism.
Except when watching glorious Japanese tv
Depends if the song/animation is good. If both are good I'll probably never skip them, if not, I will. When I marathon stuff I tend to skip ops/eds more, though.
I always watch the OP and ED, they're there for a reason.

>>102308288 knows what he's talking about.
Watch the OP and ED once.
If I like it, watch it always. If not, skim over it to see if there are any important changes.

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