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I was watching Ghost Hunt which had this character from Australia in it and became curious on the subject of foreign characters and how they are depicted. I am interested in what works feature foreigners as part of the cast and how they are depicted. The only other ones that come to mind are Durarara and Sword of the Stranger. Also is there a work out there where the central story is about a foreigner coming to Japan, their life and the things they must deal with? It seems like a rather specific kind of story but with the many kinds of plots anime puts out it may be possible.

tl;dr discussion of foreign characters that appear in anime
Simon in durarara is a poor excuse for a foreign character. His foreign nature is just there as a series of random characteristics he has to add to the list of crazy random things the show has.
>Sword of the Stranger
This movie showed foreigners in a couple of different ways. The Chinese were shown to be pretty unsympathetic plain old evil shits. The Russian did a great job as a menacing foreign warrior and made a good villain. The main character reveals himself to be foreign to provide some sympathetic sides to them in an attempt to say hey not all foreigners are bad.
John Brown isn't really much of a foreigner. He acts and is treated the same way as pretty much every other character. You could easily watch most episodes and not know he wasn't from Japan and assume the blond hair was just anime making anime hair.
Black Heaven had the best black guy ever.
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most of the girls in Infinite Stratos are foreigners. and most of the girls in Highschool DxD are European.
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you could also count Campione, Walkure Romanze, and Majikoi
Kiniro Mosaic is the most realistic depiction of foreigners adjusting to a life in Japan.
Thanks, anon.

Does it come up much or is it more there for flavor.?
Samurai Champloo did a good job with Dutch foreigners. Well, not the first blond guy but the other guys who tried to convince their superior
The Americans were pretty amusing to watch too.
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Well, for IS and Campione it's your typical harem with no closure or certainty yet. For Majikoi and Walkure Romanze, they are Visual Novels so the foreign girls have their own stories. Highschool dxd is a harem also, but the author has said it will have a true harem end.
I see. Thanks for the answers.
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I'm fairly sure no anime out there would deal with what racism foreigners put up with in Japan. Japanese people are racist as fuck and wouldn't ever want to show themselves in a negative light while the outsider in a sympathetic light.

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