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I was thinking of watching this, but i dont think i've ever seen it mentioned on here before. Is it any good? What is it like? Am i expecting a Buraiden Gai kind of story?
If you like the prison and cruel guards setting then you should watch it, otherwise it's pretty shit.
bump for my next post
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What a coincidence, OP. I am going to start it tonight, and when I entered on this shithole this was the next post to be deleted. The MC looks interesting, from the opening I can already tell how combative and headstrong he is going to be. If he doesn't dissapoint me and the rest of the outcasted have good ambitions, I will be satisfied. Seeing some retard from this place, who can't even think his own words to criticize it testifying that it's bad also makes me want to watch it even more
Read the manga first
It goes to shit in the second half once they are out.
just like when they left prison in Prison Break
Bros - the anime
I liked the 2nd half aside from the crazy baddies and silly dramatization sometimes. Joe's arc was nice.Good Night Sweet Rainbow
Its ok but the relator its a edgy emo teen
Original OP here

No one replied by the time i left im surprised the threads still here.

Just seen the first episode now. Seems like it'l be ok. Little bit of a Buraiden Gai feel

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