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How does this make you feel?
Damn, I didn't know there was a bluray of Angel's Egg. How good of a release is it?
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Audio is just standard stereo WAV/PCM.

Transfer is fairly good, can't really notice any glaring defects. Bitrate is quite high, grain preservation is good but not overbearingly so, no banding or washed out blacks, no real haloing / edge enhancement or whatnot.

All and all, up to the same general quality as any of Mamoru Oshii's other film's BDs.
Is there a good fansub version of it out yet? I see a few on Nyaa, but I can't pretend to understand how to tell which one is the best looking off the bat. Nemesis seemed to do a lot of editing to it.

Well, I can't really say much about the quality. The audio is interesting, maybe he found that both audio channels were ultimately the same and cut one. Hence the mono FLAC track.... though it didn't sound mono to me. Scenes with water specifically seemed to have some kind of directionality o them, but then again, it's easy to just image the difference is there. I haven't actually looked at the audio channels directly.

As for the filtering, that's not something I'm really fond of honestly. More personal taste than anything. I like grain in old shows that were initially done on cels. I wonder how he removed the dust and speckles though.... Grain removal usually just averages local pixel values in any given radius, some smarter filters selectively look for edges and whatnot, but selective removal of certain defects is usually a bit harder. Don't know what he did, but these filters inherently lose some sort of detail. Whether that detail matters or not depends on their settings and implementation, as well as the viewer.

An upside to grain removal though, is you can avoid banding or blocking artifacts when re-encoding at a lower bitrate...

Etc. Bottom line is, depends what you prefer. Can't really speak on quality of the release, you'll have to try it.
Never mind, there are screenshot comparisons posted.

First thing I noticed is the filtering method kind of removes a bit of the sense of depth, or variation in light, depending on the scene.

Noticeable here -
File: Patlabor.gif (271.07 KB, 500x271)
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271.07 KB GIF

Thanks for the analysis. Personally, I also don't like removal of film grain, but that's on a somewhat vague perhaps misinformed level of "don't look like the fucking Predator bluray." I might try the other release on Nyaa instead from PWM

There's nothing better than watching Oshii's stuff on bluray.

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