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File: Railgun.jpg (50.04 KB, 848x480)
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At least we got something...
File: 41234130.jpg (113.49 KB, 523x493)
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>here is no further information at this time, but the title suggests the story will take place at a hot bath (sentou).
Other Nagai Space bullshit
Fuck yeah, I've been waiting for this.

>Slut brigade visits ditrict 22 while volume 16 happens.
I want off this ride.
>Index III never
>NT10 is not on april
>Railgun manga is still in namek
>Accel manga still has shit faces
>casual vento never
Othinus will still die
they really seem to be pushing and trying to cash in this sub story. and frankly, it has okay moments but a lot of it is shit.
Just give us animated LAC already you bunch of fuckwits!
File: Accelerator1.jpg (101.36 KB, 633x603)
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101.36 KB JPG
God I fucking hated these parts in Raildex.
>Wanting to get out off Kamachi's Wild Ride
Death is the only way
They fucking teased it in the last episode too. What, are they going to make it into a movie or something? Damn you JC Staff.
>Movie budget LAC
>They spend most of it on the swimsuits and fastforward through the Saten abuse, and the fight against the Ancient Aztec Fighter Planes
How far are they until Frenda's death? I imagine they are halfway

They could be use more Index shit instead of Railgun shit, I'd raher see misfortune than lesbians screaming at food.

Since that would be Index III, never.

They would halfass it anyway.
They could've animated the goddamb parody novels, or even SS2, but no, we get Slut Brigade in the onsen
File: 41005358.jpg (417.27 KB, 1000x1427)
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417.27 KB JPG
>yfw it's not the obscure Kamachi story written for tsunami charity with delta trio shenanigans trying to peak in a hot bath
>yfw this shit will instead take place in the episode where they go to the public bath just before Mikoto uncharacteristically gets into trouble with an unmanned Powered Suit where Kuroko is forced to massage the dorm supervisor instead of molesting Misaka in the bath
>it will have Febrie
>plot centers around Kuroko trying to get into the bath while hiding from the dorm supervisor: hilariious HILARITY ensues

Just kill me now
>Delta Force
>Trying to peek at the onsen parody novel
Damn, I wonder if someone will ever buy that one as well
File: 1245346236458.jpg (170.08 KB, 640x480)
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170.08 KB JPG

>They animate the entire Gemstone arc while leaving the rest for index III
>Ends with Gunha vs Ollerus and Misaka papa shittalking Aleister

>yfw otakus know how uninspired anime-original Nagai Space material
>dismal sales
>yfw the production committee sees this as a sign that animated Raildex is no longer profitable
>Index III never
>yfw they put something in their mouths at the end
Is there even much difference in sales between the anime-original parts and the beginning/Sisters arc parts?

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