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Never watched One piece but only recently decided to give it a chance.
>tfw only up to episode 110

How do you start a series thats 630 episodes in wtf was I thinking, now I can't stop watching it its so good
And here I thought catching up to HxH and FT was bad
I started watching OP back in Sep 2011. It took me 2 months to catch up while watching 6-9 episodes every day. I'd advise you yo skip the filler except for the one in the marine base after the Skypeia arc
>watching animu with full of filler shit
trust me, drop the anime temporarily and read the manga first. once you're up to date, watch the anime. you appreciate the anime so much more and actually understand the problems people have with toei and their pacing. i made the mistake of watching anime first, but luckily i caught up with the manga just as ressrosa started
where to cop manga?
Where to COP manga?

I'll assume you mean where to read it. Just Google it, mate.

>not skipping filler

Besides the anime is fine till Enies Lobby
> havent seen wanpiss anime since teens
> check out ep633
> more than 2minutes long opening, followed by recap, new episode actually starts after 5 minutes
> insanely drawn out scenes
> less animated than the manga
> some panels become 5-10minutes long scenes of camera panning thru badly drawn shot of people standing still
> anime original tidbits
At least Franky's VA is nice.
File: 45343543453434.png (93.76 KB, 790x536)
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I'll be nice and tell you so you end up getting the best scans you can find at the moment.
Grab the bakabt torrent.

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