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You like shoujo right?
I like Sakura.
Yes I like cartoons meant for little girls.

Because I want to be the little girl.
Some parts of me do.
I like shoujo romcoms because I miss that kind of pure and innocent love affairs that I won't be able to experience anymore because most women are evil when they grow up and the magic of the first romantic encounters is far gone.
Y-You're not alone...
I used to be obsessed with shoujo.
I want to fuck sakura, and not in a consensual way
You want someone to hold a gun to your head and make you do it?
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thanks man
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Why do I was I was her when I am a straight biological male?
i'm watching Fushigi Yuugi right now and nearly every episode i feel the urge to drop it.
Sakura is everyone's first waifu. Slut.
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Well I did enjoy Sukitte.
Not really. Shoujo seems to suffer from good premises being ruined more than most genre's.
I've always wondered why Revolutionary Girl Utena got to be shoujo. Not exactly for little girls, that show
Rose of Versailles gets called shoujo a lot too.
You want to be a little girl. We all do.
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>Rose of Versailles
>Not a shoujo

I know it ends tragically and all, but you defenitely can't deny this serie is one of the shoujo-est to ever exist.

I mean, look at the Love-octagon that is Fersen-Marie-Oscar-André-Charlotte-Bernard-Rosalie. That's pretty shoujo to me. (Also, the art style itself.)

I'm pretty sure it was, with Glass Mask, one of the "original" shoujos. It certainly started a looot of tropes and clichés.

I love Oscar and Utena. Anybody know a modern anime with characters like them?

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