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Is Space Dandy going to become weightier? I don't mean serious or dark, but will this show have something to say? Or a point?Do the creators care about the characters? And will there there be any meaningful character arcs?

A lot of people are quick to dismiss the show as simply an episodic slapstick tonal equivalent of 3 stooges. And that's very possible. the show is an endless parade of nods, winks, and ironic self awareness. And maybe even the sentimentality of loli ep was purposeful manipulation so to criticise anime and it's fanbase. But I hope this isn't the case.

Watanabe may be more jaded than he used to be, as a result of fame or whatever, but his previous work has always been earnest and lacking cynicism. Bebop and champloo were character studies. Dunno about his high school jazz series. But he was always very interested in his characters. It seems odd he would focus all his energy into one project with disposable main characters.

I suspect there will be some some tonal shift. There us definitely a cohesive story the writers are planning to tell. This is apparent from that one writers tweet about the English dub changing dialog that would be important to the story later

If there was no continuity or ultimate destination for the show, then the outro would not purposefully induce speculation about the role and effects of parallel universes and realities. Also, there would be no reason to provide an explanation for the crews continued survival if everything in the show was meaningless.

Anon mentioning spikes quote about the tiger cat dying over and over and not fearing death, with the picture of dandy on the tiger rug is interesting.

Bebop touched on these themes of reality as well. And of course the shows share a currency.

I have too much faith in watanabe to view this show at face value, he's too smart and creative. I expect good things.
The writers also l like making dandy a hero. After being an asshole, selfish, and incompetent in the first few episodes, in the last few he turns out to be a great surfer, great racer, great mech pilot and an awesome shot in it. A great detective, shown in a montage identical to spikes from bebop, and compassionate, what with finding the grandpa and surf saving meows life.

I'm so fucking high
Bump this is important to me
All I wanna know is what makes an episode worthy of "The End" or not
It's kinda hard to do speculation like that with an episodic show like Dandy. It's possible that it's heading somewhere, but it's also likely that it's just some kind of sandbox for the creators to play around with different genres or styles.
Either way, I'm enjoying it.
Isn't that just when Dandy dies?
nope, zombies ended with to be continued

unless they're being pendantic dicks and undeath doesn't count
Who knows, we don't know why Skeletor is sending monkey trouble after him every episode, but it might lead to something later on.
I'd say reaching nirvana and becoming a Dandhisattva is worthy of 'The End'
I don't know if anyone's pointed this out yet because I haven't been following these threads but, has anyone noticed this nigga's head is an eggplant with the colors reversed?
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>mfw this is not copypasta

Must hurt being an autist that cannot enjoy an episodic series without wondering when, oh when are we going to stop tapping into all kinds of sources for the episodes and just grab an average storytelling method.
You mean aubergine.


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