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I just watched this and OH MY MOTHERFUCK!!

As I was watching this episode I said to myself "If Ryuko and Satsuki turn out to be sisters, I'm going to flip my shit"
>MFW dat ending
2 fucking days until the next episode! What the fuck is going to happen!?

From an interview with studio Trigger:

>"We can make no confirmations on the survival of any character in the show. But we would not change our mind because of fan desires. We believe that artistic integrity is important. From death a character could be immortalized in the memory of fans, which is more important than to keep him alive forever."
>"We have a particular fondness Sanageyama, and we can assure you that he would contribute significantly to the last episode"

Legit interview?

Could be trolling. His contribution could be a motivational or etherial thing as opposed to a physical contribution he makes while present.
What happened to Sanageyama? I don't remember him dying last episode, or even coming close to death.
>What the fuck is going to happen!?
Even worse writing and less animation
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So what, are you telling me /a/ suddenly hates their "saviour of anime"? give me a fucking break.
>rain of blood
>heart ripping
>manual after birth abortion
It suddenly got 5 times more brutal after one single episode.

Not your blog
Stop shit posting.
Three episodes ago there was comical relief gay bamboo sword rape, now the sky is COVERS and Ryuuko has noheart.

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