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Can we agree that their are the main/best reason to watch/read their shows/manga/LN's?
>watching valvgay at all
Only a faggot could believe this.
L-Elf was the reason to watch Valvrave season 1, I couldn't give you a good reason to watch Valvrave season 2.
It has more Akira.
Fujo pls

I fucking hate that shit dude. i like them three, but i'm not a fucking fujo who likes "boys love" or shit like that.

I like those characters more that the MC of their respective shows, because with the exception of Touma, the other two MC's were a bunch of cock sucking, cum swallowers faggots.

I like them three characters, and if they tap some ass, it would be a girl ass and i'd make a toast for them like a real bro.
That post hurts to read. Hanji is qt
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>Main reason to read Index
>not the biggest faggot that was ever was
Snk and VVV are dogshit, but the only thing that the Toaru franchise has is Accelerator and you can't fucking deny it.
In second place, you can put Mikoto, but she would need to get culturally enriched by the vector.
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>has is Accelerator and you can't fucking deny it.
animeonlyfag pls go
>liking any character of the magic side
>liking any novel post NT-6
>Not acknowledging the fact that Science side a shit
Only good ones there are Will-tan, Maria, Misaki, and Kongou
Battle Royale Arc >>> the entire franchise
NT4>Entirety of Battle Royale
I dropped Index after WWIII ended. I can't get myself to read NT.
Who the fuck likes Levi except fujoshi?
Skip NT1 to 3 then and start back at 4
people with good taste and no prejudice
>liking SnK
>liking Levi
>somehow good taste
>being a pretentious hipster faggot
>somehow relevant opinion
I think you're a flaming faggot OP.
I thought SnK was terrible far before it was an anime. The quality of the newfags coming onto /a/ quickly confirmed my opinions. Only kids like you could enjoy such shit.
Nice backpedal, scumbag.
SnK is terrible. I'm not sure where I backpedaled on that or anywhere else.
Levi isn't that bad of a character. He is strong and his heart is at the right place.
Cool opinion brah. Too bad no one cares for minorities.

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