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Movie 2 was announced with PV
>dat new track

Anyone know how they handled Igor in the first one? New VA or game voice clips?
Still wondering when BD Rips will be out, I want me some fucking Aigis-chan
The BD for spring of birth comes out May so it'll be a while before we see Aigis
So I take it the subtitle for the third movie is probably just going to be "The Fall?"
Game voice clips. They respect his VA by reusing his voice even if he is dead.
Of course not.

First off, the Fall occurs in late winter, at the end of January 2010.

Movie 2 only covers up to July 2009.

Both movies cover two months each. The first film covered the first three Full Moon events. The second is going to cover the Hierophant/Lovers mission, Yakushima, the summer festival, and finally the Chariot/Justice mission. At the pace it's going, the third film is only going to cover up to the beginning of October, ending with the Strength/Fortune mission. That's still gonna leave three more months. I'd be surprised if the series ended with anything less than five films total.
so nothing new with him then, though I prefer the english for this series I can't imagine changing Igor's voice (jap or eng) but i'm wondering if he'll be in five or someone new
So here's my prediction.

The second film seems like it's going to focus primarily on four things: the relationship between Makoto and Yukari, the introduction of Aigis and Koromaru, the relationship between Shinjiro and Ken (based on what was shown in the trailer), and Makoto's interactions with the latter four (again, based on what was shown in the trailer). Given the approach they've taken with Makoto's character, both Shinjiro and Ken are likely to make very large impacts on his development.

The third film, I think, is going to put a large amount of focus on the slice of life aspect on the series, primarily to further develop Makoto's relationship with the rest of SEES. I think it might take a similar approach to what Eva 2.2 took: Focus on the slice of life, only to end it on a heavy note with the death of Shinjiro.
In particular, the third film is going to be the only chance to solidify any sort of bond between Makoto and Shinjiro. Midsummer Knight's Dream seems like it's going to have them interact some, but with the Yakushima stuff and all the new characters, it probably won't have a very large chance to let them really bond.

My guess is that Shinjiro will play an enormous part in the third film overall, interacting not only with Makoto, Ken and Akihiko, but probably also with Fuuka and possibly Mitsuru as well. He's a character whose role is to deliver a strong impact on the atmosphere of the game, and in order to accomplish that, it's necessary for him to leave as large an impact on the audience as possible.
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Best boy.

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