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>has the ability to grow gems
>whores herself for munnies
I don't understand.
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Miyu pleases old hags for room and board.
Rin's just a slut like that
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>>has the ability to grow gems
>>whores herself for munnies

She can't grow gems, she mentions herself in the game that she's always at a loss for money and irritable since her magecraft is so expensive. Her power involves storing her energy in objects, and high quality gems are the best receptacles to hold her magic.

This wouldn't really be an issue if Kotomine didn't sell off most of her assets and land wealth as a joke, since she would have been far more than just rich if she had a lot of it still. However there's no helping Kotomine being Kotomine, and Rin trying to bide her jewels properly is a large part of her strategy in the game.
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Sausage Curls a shit
truly worse than hitler
File: luvia.jpg (233.37 KB, 1280x720)
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Hitler did nothing wrong.
File: it's magic.png (2.53 MB, 1280x1440)
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>She can't grow gems
Then what is she doing here?
You know realize Rin is quite lucky if she managed to win the Shirou since he's loaded with cash from daddy's work.

The question is how fast Rin would burn Shirou's inheritance?
Not very, since Raga's looking after his finances.

Infusing magic into the preexisting gem, which is causing it to morph.
The cash making potential of tracing is staggering.
File: 3rei014_015.png (307.45 KB, 968x1400)
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Reminder that they're both mindless sex dolls now.
She receives fucktons of money due to Tohsaka magecraft patents. She just burns through most of it constantly because her gems are that expensive. A static inheritance like Shirou's wouldn't be much use to her. Or necessary.

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