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is he the daddy
Isshin is the grandfather, Ragyo is the mother of Sats and Ryuko, Soichuro(?) is the father of both, Aikuro is the brother and uncle.

However the question of Kinue still comes up. Either Trigger is fucking with us by giving her the same hairstyle and face as Ryuko or Ragyo is lying when she says she is her mother.
Short answer: no
Long answer: maybe
>Someone that pretty
>A father
Anime fathers are always ugly, middle aged business men, no exceptions
he's talking about Tsumugu's sister
not sure why the hell he thinks it's the same face or hair style as ryuko
we never saw her full face, and her haircut is just a short hair cut, a very standard, generic haircut.
Ryuko basically takes that same generic hairstyle we see on dozens of anime chicks and ads a crazy amount of layering to it, and combs it a different way.
Mako's father is an ugly, fat, middle aged doctor
File: Speculation.jpg (799.88 KB, 2372x1719)
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He has the same hair droop over his right eye
The same eye shape
The same hair parting up on the corner of his forehead
Mikisugi has the Kanji for "beauty" in it
Kiryuin wasn't Souichirou's last name
Aikurou = Beloved Ninth Son, Souichiorou = All-Encompassing First Son
The "eyelash" difference can be seen as crow's feet
Satsuki thought her sister was dead
Ryuko thought her mom was dead

A father who hits on and strips in front of his daughter seems like the perfect husband to Ragyou.
File: sexy.jpg (139.92 KB, 1346x762)
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139.92 KB JPG
Oh hell no. Look at this sexy beast.
>Kiryuin wasn't Souichirou's last name
i might have missed it, but didn't it specifically say it was?
Who else could it be?
No, it said that he married into the Kiryuin family. In Japan, when a man marries into a family of a much higher social status, he tends to change his last name instead.
Turns out isshin was the dad all along, and he was in disguise
he blew up the place to hide senketsu, but was secretly stuck in a bunker
he'll show up in the next to last episode, with a new kamui for satsuki.
Then my money is on >>102292420
except for the brother/uncle part
He'll be Ragyo's former flame, who knew her before the covers got to her.
Both Souichirou and Aikurou are scientists who've worked with Life Fibers. From what we can determine from the timeline of events...
>20 years ago - Ragyou makes contact with the Original Life Fiber
>18 years ago - Satsuki is born
>17 years ago - Ryuko is tossed out as a newborn, but Isshin Matoi saves her and begins to raise her.
>13 years ago - Souichirou tells Satsuki that Ragyou killed her sister, Souichirou disappears soon after, with Satsuki assuming that Ragyou killed him
>11 years ago - Ryuko enters elementary school and stays at the dorms because Isshin is always occupied with his work
>For the next 10 years - Isshin works with Aikurou, Tsumugu, and Kinue on creating Life Fibers that obey a human for Ryuko. Isshin is aware of Ryuko's resistance to Life Fibers, which means that he was probably aware of the experiments on her.
>6 months ago - Isshin completes Senketsu, but is killed soon after

Now Souichirou caught wind of Ragyou's plan, but we don't have an exact time for when that happened. But it would make sense that it was between 13 and 17 years ago, because Souichirou could have left with him. He would have been a huge help, what with his experience with Life Fibers. He was already sorta neglectful by the time Ryuko was 6, so he must have started his work already. And to save Ryuko, he must have been working at REVOCS at the time.
Meant to say "Isshin caught wind of Ragyou's plan".
There are exceptions
You are not the father gif when?
He's going to be the bad guy at some point. Batshit face suit on the bottom left hasn't shown up yet. Doubt he's actually the father, he's just a sexy nudist man with a plan.

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