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Not the smartest thing in the world to do, but I couldn't help but cheer.

Fuck that guy.
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>throwing a shitfit over slavery
here we go again
what would the empire do in response? wage another war?

What do you mean "another". They're already at war. They can't declare war during a war.
>Declare war on enemy when they're already fighting you in a war
>Force them into a two front war
Fucking brilliant

That doesn't really work if both fronts are on the same side.
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Why wouldn't the JSDF war machine head straight for the Imperial capital as soon as they had the information on its whereabouts?

Why are they going to meet the Emperor in such a small, practically unarmed band?

Why are they saluting the leader of the enemy faction whose first move was to order the butchering and kidnapping of civilians?

Why are special forces from Russia, China, and the US so tactically inept and the JSDF are operator super soldiers?

Why is a girl with huge tits and a bayonet able to go toe to toe with a formation of trained medieval soldiers with dedicated melee weaponry just because she's a hand-to-hand combat expert?

Why is the prince dragging what must be at least 800lbs of mindbroken sex slave around?

Why is there any attempt to set up tension at all in this entire story if every potential antagonist is instantly obliterated by the JSDF?

>Why wouldn't the JSDF war machine head straight for the Imperial capital as soon as they had the information on its whereabouts?

Establishing a solid base of operations, getting to know the area and it's politics, and befriending the civilian population is a pretty good idea.

But after that, pow. One trussed-up emperor coming up.

I still can't get over the fact that there's kidnapped japanese civilians in the Gate world and no one's really doing anything to find them.
Listen just don't worry about it
>befriending the civilian population is a pretty good idea.
In the time it took to build their entirely unnecessary pentagon of operations they could have ended the entire war.

What war? The entire imperial army is dead.
They aren't interested in conquering the new area and making it part of Japan. They're looking to end the stupid war, make trade agreements, and all in a way that doesn't leave millions of pissed off locals.

That's why they are reaching out to the locals and sending ambassadors out all while blatantly advertising their militaries power.
Yeah, and then they have a fractured nation to try to rule over and a dozen resistance movements constantly making trouble for them as well as a bunch of locals who want them out.

And on top of that you have all the other nations back on earth focused on you looking for an excuse to take the gate away from you and denouncing your actions every time you step even a little out of line.
They are still at war, though. They've had their asses handed to them by gunships but they're still there, unsurrendered.
>come through gate
>easily massacre the army
>ask nearest town for a map and information on the empire
>roll in and capture the capital, demanding reparations and the return of all missing persons from the initial incident
Look man I'm no expert but this shit seems really straightforward, and unless the JSDF is intentionally drawing it out and using the incident as an excuse to indulge in their monster girl fetishes, this isn't how you run an invasion.

>Getting upset because Zorzal is the alphaest


Someone in the batoshit comments was throwing a shitfit over the fact the author/artist is profiting from mere depictions of slavery/rape

My sides blasted into orbit
Needs more Rory.
Running any kind of invasions is pretty hard in the modern world because of how it is viewed by population. It's very obvious that all major powers want their part of the cake that is the continent behind the gate, so media worldwide will be manipulated to exaggerate every single slightest misstep made by Japan. Obviously there are spies behind the gate already reporting everything that is going on. You don't want your worldwide reputation tarnished, it doesn't do very well for the international exchange and your economics. You can't close off your borders in an attempt to live off the world behind the gate either as you will get invaded sooner or later under the pretext of saving innocent uncultured population of the gate. Wouldn't be hard at all with USA, China, Russia and whatever lesser parties tagging along allied to "liberate" the gate for themselves.

It's politics, man, nothing is easy there.
>Someone in the batoshit comments was throwing a shitfit over the fact the author/artist is profiting from mere depictions of slavery/rape

So 12 years a slave is utterly disgusting for that guy?
I do enjoy it, but fuck it has some of the most insipid nationalistic bullshit.

>nippon storngk
>white pig go hoome!
>japanese so strongk! rook! we not scare when erf shakes! SO STRONGK

Well, you get the idea. It can be as cute as it can be nauseating.
There goes chances of peace, the Imperial Empire is FUCKED
Eh, that's how non-Americans feel about most of Hollywood.
It's guns/nippon nationalism fanservice.
Don't think too hard about the plot, just enjoy the military rape in fantasy land.
Does that mean half of next chapter will be how Honorable Samurais of Glorious Nippon would never treat POW like that?

Working on his train of logic sure, but 12 years is disgusting in it's own right as a HollyJew whiteguilt-trip.

Not sure which is worse, it or another MUHSHOAH movie.
File: how it should end.jpg (53.55 KB, 607x407)
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Proposed endings for this manga. Here's mine.
Oh, it's this thread again.
Too overkill. I remember the first Grey Knights novel and seriously, the Knights were fighting on a medieval world and they simply massacred everyone that stood in their way. And a entire army went and fought fifteen of them...
That sounds absolutely lovely, what novel is this you speak of?
File: 1341174636368.jpg (157.13 KB, 576x711)
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I want that son of a bitch dead.
You only need one space marine to conquer the Empire.
It's funny because that guy is basically Japan in WW2.
The very first called simply: Grey Knights by Ben Counter.

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