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Life Fibers are aliens
Emi's dad is still alive
Touma has amnesia
The walls are Titans
Daisy is kill
> Touma has amnesia
how is that a spoiler ?
Amano Aki's mother left for Tokyo because of her obsession with becoming an idol. She completely failed, and was taken advantage of by the now producer of GMT46. He used her voice as the real singing voice for his most popular idol and Shiosai no Memory was really sung by her.

Mizuguchi is actually an idol talent scout.

Yui's father has a stroke, and Yui never goes to to Tokyo. She becomes a delinquent after he mother runs away and Stove's live is even more suffering.

Aki fails as an idol once her connection to her mother is realized, and GMT's producer wants nothing to do with her. She finally makes a breakthrough and is set to appear in a movie remake of Shiosai no Memory, but the 2011 Earthquake occurs and the movie is deemed insensitive.

Everyone seems to fail in the end, and I don't understand how any of this is supposed to be happy.

Nounen Rena a shit
The 8492nd squadron doesn't exist.
Darth Vader didn't kill Luke's father, he IS Luke's father
The teacher wins the loli
guess which show
snake kills dumbledore

The main character runs off and tells everyone to go fuck themselves anytime he hears the slightest rumor that he long lost love is on a nearby planet. And on one of these trips, he finally does find her, only to have her stand up in the middle of a gunfight like an idiot. He then goes off in a suicidal rampage and kills everyone involved. But also gets killed himself.
The Titanic sinks
Allies win WWII

Fuck you, I haven't seen Captain America yet!
my waifu :3
>Touma has amnesia

Is that really a spoiler? IT happens in like the third or fourth episode and he's amnesiac throughout the rest of the anime.

Was him being amnesiac even ever become a plot point in the LN or anything? Because it didn't seem to change anything about his life or personality at all.
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Yamada blocks all significant character development.
Hitler committed suicide
America reached the moon first
The Soviet Union collapsed
The Seattle Seahawks won the Superbowl
File: 1392086082497.gif (2.79 MB, 540x300)
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Sniper II K-9 has an EXAM system.

The Sniper II still loses to the Kampfer, even in BF world.
Yachiyo and Sato get together.
Yamada's mom eventually finds her.
he's talking about the next volume. for some reason yet undisclosed, he lost his memories starting from index arc up to othinus arc
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Acebro Detected
Best girl loses
I like you. No homo

Yellow > 8492
Kamina dies
Kittan dies
Kidd dies ;_______;
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Saitama wins.
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Watch out Snake! That's Dumbledore, FOXHOUND's most powerful wizard. Make sure you don't get hit by one of his spells, otherwise it's all over, and the terrorists will launch Metal Gear POTTER.

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