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The story of Moot and how he created a massive online gang of hacktivists. Was this anime inspired by 4chan/Moot/Anonymous?
Probably not.
The author just has a thing for secret organizations and the mafia and shit, if you've read Baccano. Besides, elevens don't care about 4chan.
Heard their is suppose to be some announcement about durarara when the new time skip novels come out. Hoping for season 2 anime.
>new time skip novels
A year and a half after the death of the Dollars. The meeting of a boy, travelling to Ikebukuro in the capital to seek the Headless Rider, and a girl, whose older sister vanished chasing it; the extraordinary begins — '

Hooray for Celty focus.
Wait what… so the original series finished, right? Was there any closure? Who survived? You can spoil me
Mikado is stopped before he does anything too stupid or gets himself killed. Celty gets her head back then has it removed again so she can stay with Shinra. Shizuo kicks Izaya's ass. No one that matters died. Everyone got more or less a happy ending except for Izaya.
So Mikado is living a decent life or? Did megane oppai get any?
>No one that matters died. Everyone got more or less a happy ending except for Izaya
…good to know, I guess. Although sort of subjective.

>Shizuo kicks Izaya's ass
He had it coming. What happened to the lesbo imouto twins? Did a war really happen?

Fuck I should just go read the novels. Then again I want this thread to stay alive because Durarara discussions are rare.
He's back with his friends and Aoba was warned to stay away from him. No but he and Anri still like each other.
Maybe they'll move forward in the next part.
Twins are irrelevant and not really.Cetly was awakened because Shinra was kidnapped and made into a child of Saika. She freaks out and turns into this crazy shadow beast. She really doesn't do much after she gets her head back, just sort of looks on at all of the carnage that she feels that she caused
Anime only guy here. What about bro Simon?
He stays black and sells sushi.
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Naritaverse is best
who is aoba?

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