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Hi /a/nons
I was watching House of Cards and I was awestruck on how well-written Claire was. From another anon on her:

>THIS is how you write your antihero's significant other
>You do not make her whine, complain, and hinder the efforts of your antihero protagonist all the fucking time
>You give her problems, you make her a complex character dealing with a ton of shit, not a self-absorbed housewife who needs the attention on her 24/7

This really highlighted what problem I had with most anime I watched. Most main heroine tropes seems to really promote that the heroine is subservient to the MC, almost useless without the MC or worse. Even the supposed tsundere, something that was suppose to fill that role just means be a bitch to the MC.

tl;dr the best girls are the ones that can stand on equal ground of the MC.
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Sorry, Op here,

What I actually meant is that I wanted a Holo thread
Japan doesn't want sluts as their main heroines

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