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>on bus to mall with my girlfriend
>she's tired
>rest her head on my shoulders
>put my arms around her and pinched her nose
>pull out my HTC One
>watch D-Frag together
>she tells me "i love you, lets get married"
>everyone on bus clapping and congratulating us
so fantasy thread?
Typical D-frag fag

Fuck OFF.
>layin in bed
>sleepin all comfy
>wake up to someone crawling in next to me
>little sister starts licking my ears
>pretend to be asleep
>she starts kissing my neck
>"oh you're just going to keep pretending to be asleep, huh?"
>she starts sucking my dick
>bout to come
>little bitch just stops and says
>"any more and I'll become addicted"

What the fuck man...
this got subbed? my dickusmax
File: 1skd.jpg (118.18 KB, 700x1000)
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Yeah, I used to have hopes and dreams too.
>Life changing accomplishment
>post about it to strangers
>implying anyone here could give a mother fuck
>not having a girlfriend to watch anime with

Get the fuck out.

OP please fuck OFF.
So uh. Yeah. Not on topic, but probably more important than anything else that might get posted in this thread: I just found out the pizza place near me makes chicken and shrimp pizza with vodka sauce. It's the most ridiculous shit I've ever put in my mouth.
Where is it? It sounds good.
Holmdel, NJ. You should probably come here and try it.
That sounds yummy dude.
4chan is a bought shithole and moot is a sellout. ever since they started banning people for mentioning viral marketing on /v/, the best you can do is ignore these threads instead of reporting them

>call girlfriend
>take her to Hometown Buffet
>we sit in a quiet corner
>talk about life while eating
>pull out iPhone
>watch the latest Sketo Dance episode with her
>girlfriend proposed marriage to me

This morning,
>went to City Hall
>got our marriage certificate
>judge jokingly says "you may kiss the bride"
IT FUCKING IS. My tongue just jizzed thinking about it. I know you're thinking right now "wtf tongues don't do that." Mine just did. I don't know how to explain it. I opened my mouth and fucking tongue jizz squirted out. My neighbor brought me a slice earlier because he just found out and that's how I found out. He was going door to door giving us all slices because this shit is literally that good. People need to know about it.
Noone cares.
>at home with gf
>watching anime together
>shet ells me how much she loves me
>"I love you too, I love you so much"
>close eyes
>reach around her shoulders and press my lips against hers
>open eyes
>see nothing there once again
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66.94 KB JPG
>sitting on bed watching Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon season 2 with girlfriend
>ass shot of Toori comes up
>girlfriend says that she thinks Toori has a nice ass
>I think so too
>discussion starts about which Horizon has the best ass

What do you guys think? I say it's Horizon herself, but my girlfriend thinks that Nate's is better. Shit gets heated every time it comes up. We need an outside opinion.

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