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Whos your favorite boxer?
Mine would personally would be Aoki because I generally like characters like him and I do relate to him.
Hajime No Ippo General
File: 44.png (27.70 KB, 650x430)
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Mashiba because sekaiichi oniichan.
just started watching this series and totally in love with it, glad someone decided to make a thread about it! And also I like Miyata just because he's fucking crazy. Too bad he lost against that other guy qq

Also a question to manga readers: Does Ippo ever get over his dependence on the Dempsey Roll?
Yes. Against Ryuhei is the last time he uses it for a while.

Also Takamura obviously because he's the best.
Holy shit I'm actually watching the Mashiba fight right now. It's awesome that there's an Ippo thread up.
File: 1392172989274.jpg (135.42 KB, 1000x783)
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>tfw it takes like half a year to get through a fucking Ippo fight

Volg is best boxer though
That's great to hear. I plan to pick up the manga once this season is over. I've been waiting years to see his match against Miyata.
Gods above, I'm actually watching the Mashiba fight right now. It's awesome someone made an Ippo thread.
>His match against Miyata
I've got some bad news...
File: shinpachi.jpg (6.11 KB, 245x206)
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Time to kill myself.

Bye /a/, I love you.
They havent ever fought again up to current though.. I think they're going to pull a Naruto X Sasuke thing and save that for the very last chapter (if that ever happens) and pull a Rocky III ending (where rocky beats Mr T, becoming the champ again and spars with Apolo as friends, scene cuts out on the first punch).

Miyata is the OPBF champ, and Ippo is ranked first there, but currently he's working up the WBC ladder (7th) and fighting 2nd ranked guy atm
David Eagle.
I like Ippo....boring choice I know but it's nice seeing how far he's come

I hate Itagaki as a character, but his matches are fun. I expected more with the Title match, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.
File: Takamura-san (55).jpg (47.80 KB, 640x480)
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picked up the series a few days ago and am really loving it. Takamura is probably my favorite so far, he has that in your face attitude which I like.
My nigga.
I'm glad this wasn't the last time we see him.
How is grabbing another man's dick a joke?

Is this a Japanese thing? That shit'll get your ass kicked in any locker room here.

I stopped reading the moment he knocked out a fucking bear. I was able to swallow a lot up until that point, but it pushed things over the edge.

A bear's skull is so thick, you can't even imagine what it would be like for even the best boxer to hit it.
So far I'm finding this Takamura vs David Eagle fight a bit boring.
File: 1392360936170.png (296.16 KB, 640x480)
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Who will win a belt first, Aoki or Kimura?
My favorite boxer would be Ali.

In Ippo universe? Mix up between Ippo and Takamura.

Also giving life to ded thread.
>tfw Madhouse will go bankrupt before S4 happens
It looks like they'll be adapting Terraformars. If it's anything close to SnK popularity Madhouse should have enough funds to survive.
Also to add to that how will they even go about adapting S4? Isn't it all about Itagaki's Rookie Kings from then, do they intend to skim past most of it like the anime?

Goddammit I really hope they keep going.
Started reading this to, tfw Vorg gets Ippos mother to say Good luck my son in russian.
Little Mac
>tfw he's got Sendo's smash
I feel like playing that game now.
File: mashibakumi.jpg (89.05 KB, 556x417)
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I've always liked Kimura a lot.

Sendo too.
What the fuck?
File: 12-1.jpg (130.44 KB, 800x1232)
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Oh shit nigga, spoiler that shit.
File: bokunoippo.jpg (15.96 KB, 169x233)
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Are Champion Road and Kimura vs Mashiba worth watching?
Do it. Champ's Road is worth it just for that arm wrestling scene. Watch Mashiba vs. Kimura for his best fight and feels.
Use fucking spoiler. I expected that though. I hope Ippo finally loses again.

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