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I'm reading the light novels for spice and wolf after watching the first season of the anime, and there's something I'm not quite sure if I understand.

"""Holo had come with Lawrence to the trade guild because she was worried about him. She certainly had not known that he would be turned down for loans because he had a woman with him."""

Why would a man be turned down for loans because of his woman? Is it something along the lines of "if you can afford a woman, you don't need any help" or something like that?
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Um... hmm...
I remember reading a small spoiler about a marriage contract but being a story about merchants and what not I was able to write it off as a scheme, maybe.

There's not many other ways for that to be interpreted though.
That's image is from a doujin
That's it exactly. He was a travelling merchant begging for help, while an attractive woman hung around with him. It made Lawrence appear less frugal, less wise with his money. Just as one might be less inclined to offer financial assistance to someone wearing lots of bling about their person, so too did seeing the foxy lady behind Lawrence make Lawrence seem less deserving of aid.
Oh, well thanks for that. It matches surprisingly well with the images in the light novels.


I'm only 2 novels in, but so far I'm really liking Holo. The line is becoming oddly blurry between furry and non furry though.

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