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File: Liar_Game_vol01.jpg (69.70 KB, 260x372)
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Is this the greatest manga ever written?
I don't know, is it better than Death Note?
That's not Naruto
No, it's not even better than most of FKMT's works. Still, it's solid and worth a read for anyone who likes suspense.
I wish there were more better gambling/chessmaster manga.
This is better than all of FKMT's work except Akagi. I would say that it is equal to Kaiji however.
Hiatus over when?

Liar Game is fun. Occasional QUALITY moments, but usually interesting. Just slow building.
No idea, I keep on telling myself tomorrow, so, let's see what happens.
File: 3405928170_70f91feea2.jpg (47.34 KB, 310x400)
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Silly Anon. That's not Rurouni Kenshin
They look spooked
>not Samurai X
What about Ten?
It's arguably Fukumoto's masterpiece, too bad he fucked up the first couple volumes.
I think it's about equal to Zero, better than Ten (for the most part) and lesser than Kaiji and Akagi. I like Kurosawa much better but it's not really the same as these, as far as content goes. I guess Kaiji is kind of inconsistent and the high moments of part 2 haven't really been topped in parts 3 and 4, while Liar Game is relatively consistent.

I don't know why people like Ten so much. The suspense is decent but it's not as good as most other FKMT works. I can see people really like it for the last few volumes, but they're not quite the same as far as tone goes, although the themes are still there.
I hate how the LGBT office apparently has at least one idiot per game that can't pay attention to the gambles they're watching. Just explain this stuff in narration instead of making the bad guys look like retards.
The philosophy trickles through in the earlier volumes, mostly when Akagi is speaking about anything not relating to mahjong, which happens on occasion. I should reread.
Better than Death Note, but not as awesome as Akumetsu.

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